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From Our Own Correspondent Episode guide

  1. The Comoros and Greenland

    Why some Comorians risk it all to reach Mayotte; an evening's binge drinking in Tassiliq

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2013

  2. Greece, China and Fiji

    How some Greeks are uniting to earn more from tourism; what reporting with a baby is like

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2013

  3. Sri Lanka and Italy

    Print journalism still going strong in Jaffna; traditional artisans emptying out of Rome

    First broadcast: 30 Oct 2013

  4. Tapped Phones and Stopped Clocks

    The unwelcome resonance of alleged NSA bugging in Germany; the "Palestinian time" zone

    First broadcast: 29 Oct 2013

  5. Australia and Vietnam

    Australia's bush fires and climate change row and the hopes of Vietnam's young generation

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2013

  6. Weekend Edition 26 Oct 2013: Building Blocks of History

    Stories of construction, commerce, archaeology and identity from around the world

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2013

  7. Nigeria and Senegal

    Making the lights go back on in Lagos, and struggling to pay for an Eid sheep in Senegal

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2013

  8. France and Moscow

    Overcrowded French prisons and the BBC's first ever Moscow correspondent, 50 years on.

    First broadcast: 24 Oct 2013

  9. Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Pakistani girls who defied their parents, and Balkh's millennia of history in Afghanistan

    First broadcast: 23 Oct 2013

  10. Madagascar and Puglia

    Madagascar's education problems and the revival of Puglia's tiny trulli houses in Italy.

    First broadcast: 22 Oct 2013

  11. Lampedusa and Portugal

    The migrants on the Italian island of Lampedusa, and how Portugal copes with austerity.

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2013

  12. Hope amidst crowds

    Correspondents stuck in crowds, from scary mobs to groups of friends and even snakes.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2013

  13. India and St Kitts and Nevis

    India's varied disaster-handling competence, and the politics of prime land in St Kitts

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

  14. Paris and Jaywick Sands

    The lost glory of Paris's Champs Elysees, and a rundown but proud British seaside resort

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2013

  15. The Aftermath of War

    The militias still plaguing post-Gaddafi Libya; what makes a war memorial truly emotive?

    First broadcast: 16 Oct 2013

  16. An Indian heroine and Iceland's epics

    A baby is rescued from rioting in Muzaffarnagar; the yearly flood of books in Reykjavik

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2013

  17. Tajikistan and Myanmar

    Does NATO leaving Afghanistan threaten Tajiks' future? Blocks to doing business in Burma

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2013

  18. Island Life

    Tales of culture, commerce and control in Seychelles, Reunion, the UK, Italy and Nigeria

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2013

  19. Mexico and Algeria

    Acapulco's hurricane and drug cartel suffering, and Algeria's well-preserved Roman ruins

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2013

  20. Sinai and Seychelles

    The Egyptian army's clampdown in Sinai, and Seychelles embraces the market economy

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2013

  21. A Special Edition on Lebanon

    A special edition on Lebanon and the fallout from the Syrian conflict

    First broadcast: 09 Oct 2013

  22. Greece and France

    Are Greeks really waving goodbye to Golden Dawn? Plus: Parisians' delight in 'le gouter'

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2013

  23. Brazil and La Reunion

    The man trying to save Bahia's endangered snakes; the maloya musicians shunned by France

    First broadcast: 07 Oct 2013

  24. Weekend Edition 5 Oct 2013: Bibliomania!

    Correspondents' tales from libraries, bookshops and classes of stories which change lives

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2013

  25. Greece and Nigeria

    Twilight for the Golden Dawn movement? And, a capital city of empty mansions in Abuja

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2013

  26. Romania and Finland

    How Ceausescu wrecked historic Bucharest; salmiakki - the dire delicacy Finns eat for fun

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2013

  27. Egypt and Austria

    Polarised views of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo; protests over hydropower in the Alps

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2013

  28. Kenya and the UN General Assembly

    Kenya, Somalia and Nairobi's stories intertwine at Westgate; the diplomatic ballet in NY

    First broadcast: 01 Oct 2013

  29. Tajikistan and Afghanistan

    The ubiquitous president with big plans for Tajikistan, and women writing in Kabul

    First broadcast: 30 Sep 2013

  30. Weekend Edition 28 Sep 2013: The Love Hunters

    Stories of courtship and family life from China, Italy, Turkey, India and Martinique

    First broadcast: 28 Sep 2013

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