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  1. Northern Ireland

    How much has really changed in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement?

    First broadcast: 11 Feb 2014

  2. Spain and Denmark

    Faltering popularity for the Spanish Royal Family; Robot hoovers in Denmark.

    First broadcast: 10 Feb 2014

  3. The Correspondents' Animal Menagerie

    From slavery in the Thai fishing industry to a camel beauty contest in Abu Dhabi

    First broadcast: 08 Feb 2014

  4. Camels and Culture

    Good cheekbones are key to winning a camel beauty contest

    First broadcast: 07 Feb 2014

  5. Egypt and Belize

    An Egyptian train journey with supporters of Abdel Fatah al-Sissi; Belize's 'royal rat'

    First broadcast: 06 Feb 2014

  6. Pakistan and Afghanistan

    When is a drone not a drone? And, face-to-face with an Afghan warlord

    First broadcast: 05 Feb 2014

  7. Geneva and New Delhi

    Progress report on the Syria peace talks; car horn culture in the Indian capital

    First broadcast: 04 Feb 2014

  8. Labours of Love in Greece and Syria

    Taking pride in work in recession-hit Athens; A modern-day Romeo and Juliet in Damascus

    First broadcast: 03 Feb 2014

  9. Change in Africa

    Change in Africa, from pioneering agriculture to new sources of income, or armed conflict

    First broadcast: 01 Feb 2014

  10. Searching for an Identity in Ukraine and Kazakhstan

    Among protestors in central Kiev; and the Kazakhs reconnecting with their shamanic roots

    First broadcast: 31 Jan 2014

  11. Guyana's scurrilous calypsos - and China's culinary heritage

    Controversy swirls over "censorship" in Georgetown; a delicious museum visit in Hangzhou

    First broadcast: 30 Jan 2014

  12. Under the Gun in Central America - and in Syria

    Violence burgeons across Central America; Syrians trapped in Turkey yet metres from home

    First broadcast: 29 Jan 2014

  13. Syria and France

    Watching the war from a Damascus balcony; taking a municipally-funded shower in Toulouse

    First broadcast: 28 Jan 2014

  14. Sierra Leone and Israel

    Inter-faith harmony in Sierra Leone, and teaching children about the Holocaust in Israel

    First broadcast: 27 Jan 2014

  15. Weekend Edition 25 Jan 2014: Sports Mania!

    True athletic grit - from Uruguay's football fanaticism to the Somalis on ice in Sweden

    First broadcast: 25 Jan 2014

  16. Thailand and Russia

    Thailand's enslaved fishermen and what a double toilet tells us about Russia

    First broadcast: 24 Jan 2014

  17. Central African Republic and South Africa

    A saviour priest in the Central African Republic and a Zulu victory that still resonates.

    First broadcast: 23 Jan 2014

  18. Mali and Germany

    Collecting a dog from the police in Mali, and refugees staying put in tents in Germany.

    First broadcast: 22 Jan 2014

  19. Egypt and South Sudan

    Is Egypt returning to military rule? And is South Sudan sliding back into civil war?

    First broadcast: 21 Jan 2014

  20. Afghanistan's Women and Homophobia in Russia

    Female hopes and fears for the future in Kabul; the fear of homosexuality in Russia

    First broadcast: 20 Jan 2014

  21. Travelling Woes

    Correspondents brave the pitfalls of travel, from Burma to Vietnam, Greenland to Israel

    First broadcast: 18 Jan 2014

  22. Turkey and the Dominican Republic

    Istanbul's gas-mask sales a measure of public unrest; fun and games in Dominican baseball

    First broadcast: 17 Jan 2014

  23. India and Uruguay: Golden Dreams

    How a holy man's dream sparked a giant dig; the true grit of Montevideo's football fans

    First broadcast: 16 Jan 2014

  24. Iraq and Italy

    Rugged lives of the PKK's women fighters; the decadent luxury of Rome at Hadrian's Villa

    First broadcast: 15 Jan 2014

  25. Russia and Spain

    Is Sochi's security dragnet catching the right people? Plus, branding bulls in Andalucia

    First broadcast: 14 Jan 2014

  26. Syria and Romania

    Why the Turkish city of Gaziantep is the new Casablanca. And shepherds in Romania today

    First broadcast: 13 Jan 2014

  27. Weekend Edition 11 Jan 2014: Dangerous Ground

    Disputed territory from Chernobyl to Somalia, and the South China Sea to the Amazon basin

    First broadcast: 11 Jan 2014

  28. United States and Switzerland

    In the US Hell has frozen over, and coming up with a new national anthem for Switzerland.

    First broadcast: 10 Jan 2014

  29. India and UK

    Brickmakers' rights abused in Indian kilns, and Britain's battle with coastal erosion

    First broadcast: 09 Jan 2014

  30. Sweden and Lebanon

    Ice-skating Somalis playing bandy in Sweden, and the politics of Lebanese basketball

    First broadcast: 08 Jan 2014

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