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  1. World War One: The Assassin and his Victims

    How Gavrilo Princip is remembered in Bosnia - and Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Austria

    First broadcast: 01 Jul 2014

  2. Syrian refugees and Georgia

    Syrian refugees struggle to reach asylum in Sweden; meeting the cat woman of Tblisi

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2014

  3. Battlefields

    Conflicts past and present - in Kenya, Iraq, Antarctica, Trinidad & Tobago and Spain

    First broadcast: 28 Jun 2014

  4. Iraq and Kenya

    How Iraq's history shapes a fractured country; Kenyans confront problems beyond tourism

    First broadcast: 27 Jun 2014

  5. Liberia and Bosnia

    Women turning to prostitution in Liberia; Sarajevo remembers Archduke Ferdinand

    First broadcast: 26 Jun 2014

  6. Nepal and Iraq

    Meeting an Iraqi Kurd general; Nepalese who carry huge loads up Mount Everest

    First broadcast: 25 Jun 2014

  7. Iraq and Trinidad and Tobago

    Iraqi Kurds react to the country's crisis and gang violence in Trinidad and Tobago

    First broadcast: 24 Jun 2014

  8. Antarctica and Iceland

    How superpowers are jockeying for claims on Antarctica; on the trail of elves in Iceland

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2014

  9. Syria, US, Burundi, Myanmar, Niger

    War in Syria, US gun culture, jogging in Burundi, poetry in Myanmar, skiing in Niger

    First broadcast: 21 Jun 2014

  10. Iraq and Syria, the US and Germany

    The dilemmas ISIS pose for Iran and the US; a 1904 disaster for NYC's 'Kleindeutschland'

    First broadcast: 20 Jun 2014

  11. India and South Africa

    Guitar or sitar in Mumbai's music shops; how the platinum miners' strike affects families

    First broadcast: 19 Jun 2014

  12. Burundi and Burma

    Why jogging's subversive in Bujumbura - and how 'thyan chat' poetry speaks truth to power

    First broadcast: 18 Jun 2014

  13. Wars Without Borders

    Thoughts on Syria, Iraq and ISIS; how Manas airbase changed Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan

    First broadcast: 17 Jun 2014

  14. American Guns and a North Korean Restaurant

    Guns for prizes at a US campaign for county sheriff; eating in a North Korean restaurant

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2014

  15. Weekend Edition: Modern Scourges

    From rogue militias to rampant fungus or nasty neighbours - the things that infuriate us

    First broadcast: 14 Jun 2014

  16. Afghanistan and Cumbria, UK

    Voters go to the polls in Afghanistan; The Roma people at a North of England horse fair

    First broadcast: 13 Jun 2014

  17. Fifa in Brasil and Mexico

    World Football's Fifa under scrutiny and much needed reform of Mexico's education system

    First broadcast: 12 Jun 2014

  18. Russia and Spain

    National glory rising in Russia, and the medieval warriors fighting in southern Spain

    First broadcast: 11 Jun 2014

  19. Libya and Ukraine

    The battle to bring peace to Libya, and people who want the Ukraine like the old USSR

    First broadcast: 10 Jun 2014

  20. Thailand and Kenya

    Political life in Thailand's rural north-east stifled; who is killing Kenya's elephants?

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2014

  21. Weekend Edition

    With stories from Niger, Nigeria, China, Kashmir and southern France

    First broadcast: 07 Jun 2014

  22. Nigeria, Armenia, Syria

    Teachers and pupils brave threats go to school in Kano; Syrian-Armenians retrace the past

    First broadcast: 06 Jun 2014

  23. Niger and Guatemala

    People vs power: the struggles in the Agadez Governor's office and La Puya's protest camp

    First broadcast: 05 Jun 2014

  24. Kashmir and the Camargue

    Visitors rise, violence ebbs in Srinagar; the French town that's a Roma pilgrimage site

    First broadcast: 04 Jun 2014

  25. Historic Victories

    Will Sisi's election turn out to have been a real milestone? Plus, gay rights in Georgia

    First broadcast: 03 Jun 2014

  26. China and Ukraine

    The spirit of Tiananmen, 25 years on; the myths of Odessa.

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2014

  27. Brasil, Brazil

    A panorama of Brazilian stories - from the Snake Man of Bahia to the Awa of the Amazon

    First broadcast: 31 May 2014

  28. Italy and France

    Breaking the cycle of the Neapolitan camorra; neighbourliness in a Paris apartment block

    First broadcast: 30 May 2014

  29. Brazil and Kyrgyzstan

    Ethnic tensions in Brazil, ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan.

    First broadcast: 29 May 2014

  30. Egypt and Nigeria

    Egypt's history of political protest; bringing back Nigeria's missing schoolgirls

    First broadcast: 28 May 2014

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