From Our Own Correspondent Episode guide

  1. And the Winner is…

    Stories about votes and voters from BBC correspondents around the world

    First broadcast: 24 May 2014

  2. Brazil and Niger

    Awa tribal land reclaimed in Brazil's Amazon rainforest and a ski shop, in the Sahara

    First broadcast: 23 May 2014

  3. India and Canada

    How complacency cost Congress votes; the alliance using a potlatch to fight a pipeline

    First broadcast: 22 May 2014

  4. Sri Lanka and (Scottish) Panama

    Coming to terms with Sri Lanka's past; lessons from Scotland's colonial misadventure.

    First broadcast: 21 May 2014

  5. Europe

    Europe prepares for elections, and the British architect with a vision for a French port

    First broadcast: 20 May 2014

  6. Kenya and Canada

    A coastal tourist industry in decline; a national postal service cuts back deliveries

    First broadcast: 19 May 2014

  7. Let's Talk about Sex

    Exploring the very different ways sex shapes people's lives around the world

    First broadcast: 17 May 2014

  8. Bosnia and Argentina: Echoes of the Past

    A World War I relic on a Balkan farm; a touch of England in a Buenos Aires sporting club

    First broadcast: 16 May 2014

  9. Canada

    Quirks of the maple syrup industry in Quebec; an awkward guest at a 'feminist' porn shoot

    First broadcast: 15 May 2014

  10. Colombia's Drug War and Condoms in Ethiopia

    A night out with the Colombian Army in Puerto Leguizamo; aid, ads and AIDS in Addis Ababa

    First broadcast: 14 May 2014

  11. Ukraine and Cambodia

    At gunpoint at a Sloviansk checkpoint; remembering forced marriage under the Khmer Rouge

    First broadcast: 13 May 2014

  12. South Sudan and South Africa

    Brutal violence in Bentiu; is South Africa a colour-blind society?

    First broadcast: 12 May 2014

  13. Weekend Edition: Give Us the Force!

    Stories of effort and daring from Palestine, Mauritania, Brazil, India and France

    First broadcast: 10 May 2014

  14. Bangladesh and Indonesia

    Caring for premature babies in Bangladesh; Indonesia responds to child abuse

    First broadcast: 09 May 2014

  15. Iraq and Australia

    A book stall in Baghdad; paradise on Palm Island?

    First broadcast: 08 May 2014

  16. Reconciliation: The Middle East and East Timor

    A new accord between Hamas and Fatah; statues, tarts and forgiveness in East Timor

    First broadcast: 07 May 2014

  17. A journey with the fishermen of Mauritania

    Our correspondent rides along with the fishermen of Mauritania

    First broadcast: 06 May 2014

  18. Brazilian Squatters and a Burmese Village

    Surprises from a Brazilian neighbourhood of squatters and children in a Burmese village

    First broadcast: 05 May 2014

  19. Weekend Edition: Moving With the Times

    Adjusting to new realities - from Qatari family life to South Africa's mining industry

    First broadcast: 03 May 2014

  20. Held at Gunpoint in Ukraine, and the Secrets of Brooklyn’s Jewish Community

    Facing danger in eastern Ukraine, and a sex abuse cover-up in New York.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2014

  21. Race and house-hunting in Singapore, plus old fashioned mail boats in the Bahamas

    Stories on race and housing in booming Singapore – and the mail boats of the Bahamas.

    First broadcast: 01 May 2014

  22. Winds of change in Algeria and the ‘browning’ of America

    Has the Arab Spring affected Algeria? Plus a dispatch on Latinos in America.

    First broadcast: 30 Apr 2014

  23. Choices in Damascus and a Piano in Toulouse

    Difficult choices in Syria and the success of a piano in Toulouse train station

    First broadcast: 29 Apr 2014

  24. Brazil and France

    Barbed satire about slum 'pacification' in Rio; Euro-scepticism on the rise in Marseille

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2014

  25. Short Stories and Tall Tales

    Tales about writers, storytellers and poets - and stories that are too good to be true

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2014

  26. Liberia and Italy: the Days of the Dead

    Sprucing up family vaults in Monrovia; the great names of Rome's Non-Catholic cemetery

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2014

  27. Syria and Siberia

    Rebel fighters grow weary around Latakia; classical concert-goers thrill in Berdsk

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2014

  28. Ukraine and France

    Encounters with hardline "pro-Russians" in Slaviansk and the con artists of Montmartre

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2014

  29. Reporting on India and China

    The riddles of modern China, and invented traditions in India

    First broadcast: 22 Apr 2014

  30. South Africa: end of the mine?

    Are we in the last days of South Africa's mining industry?

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2014

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