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  1. Still Standing: 10 years on from the Tsunami

    Sri Lankans tell how Buddhism has helped heal the trauma of loss

    First broadcast: 27 Dec 2014

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  2. Sister Aimee

    How Aimee Semple McPherson mixed glamour and gospel to invent broadcast evangelism in LA.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2014

  3. God's Atheists

    A report on The Sunday Assembly, a “church” for people who do not believe in God

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2014

  4. Living Longer in Lovely Hill

    The Seventh-day Adventist community of Loma Linda that are living up to 10 years longer

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2014

  5. Hindutva: Hindu Nationalism in India

    Is an extreme version of Hinduism on the rise in India?

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 2014

  6. The Yazidis: Exiled From Eden

    How IS militants are forcing the Yazidis out of their ancient lands in northern Iraq

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 2014

  7. Zambia: A Christian Nation?

    Will Christianity remain in Zambia’s constitution?

    First broadcast: 15 Nov 2014

  8. Inside the Osama Bin Laden Imam School

    The web of schools promoting the ideaology of Osama Bin Laden in Islamad

    First broadcast: 08 Nov 2014

  9. The Buckle on the Bible Belt

    How Christianity became big business in Nashville

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2014

  10. The Forbidden Word for God

    The battle to use the word Allah to refer to god between Malaysian Christians and Muslims

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2014

  11. To Heaven and Back

    Dr Eben Alexander’s 'near-death' journey to heaven and the afterlife

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2014

  12. Iglesia Ni Cristo: Building the One True Church

    The powerful Philippine church Iglesia ni Cristo

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2014

  13. Francis: The Pope's Calling

    Does Pope Francis herald a revolution in style or substance?

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2014

  14. Faith on the Border

    The faith groups of Arizona helping child migrants

    First broadcast: 27 Sep 2014

  15. The Divinity of Haile Selassie

    How the Ethiopian King came to be worshipped by the Rastafari community as a living god

    First broadcast: 13 Sep 2014

  16. The Last Wish of a Prince

    Should the remains of Sikh Prince Maharaja Duleep Singh be returned to India?

    First broadcast: 06 Sep 2014

  17. To Die with Dignity?

    The moral, ethical and spiritual questions surrounding the right to die in Belgium

    First broadcast: 30 Aug 2014

  18. Sister Saints - Women and the Mormons

    Why are women in the Mormon church barred from becoming priests?

    First broadcast: 23 Aug 2014

  19. Caliphate – Searching for the Islamic State

    What is a Caliphate? And what do young Muslims think of proposals for an Islamic state?

    First broadcast: 16 Aug 2014

  20. Islam in the Dreamtime

    Islam and Aboriginal Australians

    First broadcast: 09 Aug 2014

  21. Jihadi Converts

    Why are Muslim converts more likely to be extremist than those born into the religion?

    First broadcast: 02 Aug 2014

  22. Driving Out the Devil

    Are people 'possesed' by daemons or is it a case of mental illness that's being ignored?

    First broadcast: 26 Jul 2014

  23. The Boys: Remembering the Holocaust

    The child survivors of Nazi concentration camps keeping memories of the Holocaust alive

    First broadcast: 19 Jul 2014

  24. The Enigma of Sara-la-Kali

    The origins of Sara-la-Kali, patron saint of gypsies and the rituals made in her honour

    First broadcast: 12 Jul 2014

  25. Innocence

    How notions of innocence in the 21st Century shapes childhood in the UK and South Korea

    First broadcast: 05 Jul 2014

  26. The Forbidden Word for God

    A Malaysian court recently banned Christians from using the word Allah to refer to God

    First broadcast: 28 Jun 2014

  27. Trust and the Church

    Can the Catholic Church rebuild trust after the Boston sex abuse crisis?

    First broadcast: 21 Jun 2014

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