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  1. Guatemala’s Addicts Behind Bars

    How effective are drug rehabilitation centres run by Guatemala's Pentecostal churches?

    First broadcast: 28 Aug 2014

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  2. Goodbye Ireland, Goodbye Gaelic Football

    The struggle to keep alive the game that is the heart of Ireland's identity

    First broadcast: 21 Aug 2014

  3. Chasing China's Doomsday Cult

    Carrie Gracie travels to China in search of a secretive cult and its terrified victims

    First broadcast: 14 Aug 2014

  4. Crimea: Paradise Regained

    A holiday in the newly annexed peninsula has become every Russian's patriotic duty

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2014

  5. Fearless Women in Turkish Kurdistan

    The dynamic women in Turkish Kurdistan who are defining the future

    First broadcast: 31 Jul 2014

  6. Tornado: Hide and Seek

    What do you do when a twisting funnel drops from the sky with winds of up to 500km/h?

    First broadcast: 24 Jul 2014

  7. Kentucky learns to love Obamacare

    How Obamacare is changing lives in Kentucky, even as opposition continues

    First broadcast: 17 Jul 2014

  8. Nigeria Undercover

    What is it like to live with the threat of Boko Haram and the Nigerian military?

    First broadcast: 10 Jul 2014

  9. Shaking Hands with the Enemy

    The dilemmas faced by charities trying to help people in areas run by militant groups

    First broadcast: 03 Jul 2014

  10. Over the Hill in Silicon Valley

    The median age in many Silicon Valley tech firms is 29. Is Silicon Valley ageist?

    First broadcast: 26 Jun 2014

  11. Has Everest Lost its Soul?

    The families who depend on Mt Everest for their livelihoods

    First broadcast: 19 Jun 2014

  12. South Korea: Sex in the Sunset Years

    Why are some older South Korean women turning to prostitution?

    First broadcast: 12 Jun 2014

  13. The Mystery of Glasgow's Health Problems

    Why is life expectancy in Scotland’s biggest city lower than other parts of the UK?

    First broadcast: 05 Jun 2014

  14. Educating Ulster

    Are integrated schools the answer to Northern Ireland's divisions?

    First broadcast: 29 May 2014

  15. Ukraine’s Citizen Soldiers

    Meet Ukraine’s nationalist militiamen who are determined to secure a united country

    First broadcast: 22 May 2014

  16. The Reykjavik Confessions

    The 40-year murder mystery that's become Iceland's most notorious miscarriage of justice

    First broadcast: 15 May 2014

  17. Argentina: GMs’ New Frontline

    Are agrochemicals the cause of a health crisis across Argentina's GM farming belt?

    First broadcast: 08 May 2014

  18. The Party of No

    Can the US Republican Party stop tearing itself apart and start to retake the country?

    First broadcast: 01 May 2014

  19. Lighting Lagos

    Following the men and women who are trying to light Lagos, street by street, bulb by bulb

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2014

  20. Cambodia’s Gambling Boom

    Ed Butler reports on the casinos tempting thousands of Vietnamese to across the border

    First broadcast: 17 Apr 2014

  21. Central African Republic - A Road Through Hatred

    Can a unique friendship between two men end the killings in the Central African Republic?

    First broadcast: 10 Apr 2014

  22. Ukraine: The Criminal Paper Trail

    Thousands of documents dumped in a lake provide proof of corruption, bribery and violence

    First broadcast: 03 Apr 2014

  23. Syria: The Silent Enemy

    How polio and other preventable diseases are threatening the lives of Syria's children

    First broadcast: 27 Mar 2014

  24. The Door Back to Mexico

    The journey taken by deportees as they go through the security fence, back home to Mexico

    First broadcast: 20 Mar 2014

  25. Hungary’s Crusading Conductor

    Lucy Ash catches up with the Hungarian composer Ivan Fischer

    First broadcast: 13 Mar 2014

  26. Uruguay’s Radical Drugs Policy

    How will Uruguay’s legalisation of marijuana impact drug addiction?

    First broadcast: 06 Mar 2014

  27. India’s Wedding Detectives

    Dozens of Indian families are now hiring detectives to spy on future brides and grooms

    First broadcast: 27 Feb 2014

  28. Lebanon: Dancing into the Abyss

    Why the Lebanese are living Syria's war like it is their own

    First broadcast: 20 Feb 2014

  29. Digging up the Dead in Russia

    Russia's volunteer diggers who search for the remains of soldiers 70 years after WW2

    First broadcast: 13 Feb 2014

  30. The Right to Die for Children

    Legislators in Belgium consider extending the right to die to terminally ill children

    First broadcast: 06 Feb 2014

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