There is no shortage of dry wit in this week’s programme: a Greek duo named after a Turkish dish (“…our music has a variety of materials just like imam baildi - and it’s very delicious.”), a Candian-based singer who says to her less-than-faithful lover: “I can’t blame you for the bad weather”, and north-African fusion from Paris on an album called Ping Kong. On a musical level, there are plenty of tongue-in-cheek tunes too: Balkan horns add a surreal edge to Goran Bregovic’s latest track, Amsterdam Klezmer Band’s music wouldn’t be out of place on a jazz stage and Radio Kijada’s ostensibly Afro-Peruvian grooves seem to have come straight out of a European nightclub.

Tracks played in this week's programme:

Country: Greece
Title: De Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis
Artist: Imam Baildi
CD Title: Imam Baildi
Label: Capitol
Cat. Number: 5099923680425

Country: Switzerland/Peru
Title: Manoteo en Menor
Artist: RadioKijada
CD Title: Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos, Part 1
Label: Wrasse
Cat. Number: WRASS 233

Country: Senegal
Title: Sama
Artist: Malick Pathé Sow
CD Title: Maayo Men
Label: Muziek Publique
Cat. Number: 1

Country: Canada
Title: Fool's Gold
Artist: Lhasa
CD Title: Lhasa
Label: Warner Classics & jazz
Cat. Number: No details

Country: Bosnia
Title: On the Backseat of My Car
Artist: Goran Bregovic
CD Title: Alcohol
Label: Mercury/Wrasse
Cat. Number: 531 509-1

Country: Tunis/ Algeria/ Mauretania
Title: Missy Nouackshott
Artist: DuOud (feat. Malouma)
CD Title: Ping Kong
Label: World Village
Cat. Number: WVF 470925

Country: Netherlands
Title: Netty
Artist: Amsterdam Klezmer Band
CD Title: Zaraza
Label: Essay
Cat. Number: AY CD 19

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