Sue Dougan in the Afternoon

Sue Dougan in the Afternoon

In charge of the afternoon show, Sue Dougan arrived at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire via BBC Radio Kent, commercial radio, and a hospital radio show at the tender age of 15.

She laments the passing of Woolworths (she was a Saturday girl at branch 022 while she was a student!) and confesses to a guilty secret - she once made background musak tapes for certain high street shops.

She's a Girlguiding UK ambassador, and claims the ability to juggle among her off-air skills - the legacy of time spent as a teenager as a member of a circus school in Belfast.

Sue enjoys cooking, amateur dramatics and running. She's taken part in a number of events in 2009 and proudly completed the Belfast Marathon in four hours 43 minutes and 42 seconds.

She was also one of many participants in the annual Pathfinder March, a 46-mile walk around WWII airbases in Cambridgeshire, which walkers have to complete in 20 hours (Sue and team took 17 hours). It's hard to say 'no' when you are asked live on the air…

Her favourite radio moments are a mixture of fun and fascination. Such is the uniqueness of the job, she's equally happy spending a morning recording at an auction (where she was careful not to scratch her nose for fear of catching the auctioneer's attention!) or an eye-opening tour of the sewerage works at Milton! About that? Sue says that it's pointless eating sweetcorn!

She loves telling great stories on the afternoon show and in the Chat Room (weekday afternoons from 2pm, as part of the programme). Sue and guests have discussed all sorts - from honesty, fidelity, funny moments and great achievements to death, eating disorders, disability and domestic violence.

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