Chris South Gardening

Chris South Gardening

Your gardening questions answered plus a surreal look at the week with Chris's guests.

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Chris South biography

Christopher is the oldest, rudest and grumpiest BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenter.

He has been a journalist for 58 years and has been with Radio Cambridgeshire for 28 years. He has interviewed everybody from royalty and prime ministers to a man who lived in a drain.

With the late Pete Sayers, he created 500 episodes of the Dennis of Grunty Fen comedy series but now confines his radio work to insulting his Sunday afternoon guests, including the Lovely Miss Edna, the Relatively Rev. Robert and his curiously loyal listeners.

He helped found two Cambridgeshire charities (Camtad and the Magog Trust) and now runs a small charity with his wife to help poor people in Sri Lanka, for which they have given almost 500 talks in and around Cambridgeshire. He has travelled in around 50 countries but likes it best to be at home with his dogs.

His interests include gardening, cooking, gardening, reading other people’s diaries, gardening, collecting bits of famous buildings (he claims that at one time he had more of King’s College Chapel than the Dean and Provost), gardening, Tottenham Hotspur and gardening.

Christopher is a fierce proponent of radio and gets fed up with people who think it is just TV without the pictures. He also says it is the ideal medium for short, fat, bald men.

Oh, and incidentally, he’s now in charge of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s popular gardening hour between 12pm and 1pm on Sundays, when  the region’s best gardeners share the skills it takes a lifetime to learn. Mr South says it is the first time in half a century he has pontificated on something he actually understands.