BBC Introducing from Stoke

BBC Introducing from Stoke

The best in local bands from Stoke, Staffordshire and Cheshire with Rob Adcock.

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Believe The Hype EP

Believe The Hype EP

The Believe The Hype EP is five of the best completely unsigned, undiscovered and under-the-radar artists that Staffordshire and Cheshire has to offer.

From house to rap, to blues and indie rock, you can download it and keep it forever for FREE. 

More about the acts:

John Dhali:
lost russle:
Average Joe:
HyperADHD: Hypesadhd

Uploading tips

If you enter a Staffordshire postcode when you register, your songs go straight to the BBC Introducing from Stoke inbox.

You'll be notified automatically when your tracks are listened to by someone at the BBC or if they're going to be broadcast. If we like what we hear, you might even bag yourself a session or a slot on the BBC Introducing festival stage.


The show has had dozens of live sessions, most unplugged and a few electric.


If you want to do a session, tell us of your news and latest releases & gigs, or have us down to your club email

New to Introducing?

BBC Introducing from Stoke (formerly known as SUBCulture) plays the best new local music from Staffordshire & Cheshire.
It's part of the BBC Introducing family, which supports the the best in new & unsigned local music across the country. 
The show goes out live on BBC Stoke every Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm, with bands coming in to the studios in Hanley to play live in session.
If you're in a band or a local musician, you can submit tracks for the show using the BBC's Uploader function.
You can also stay in touch with BBC Introducing from Stoke goings-on by joining the show's Facebook group.

Upload your music

Upload your music

Get the music you're making played on BBC radio, upload your tracks to BBC Introducing.

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