Duncan Warren

Duncan Warren

Duncan Warren keeps Cornish listeners all over the world entertained each weekday evening across the South West from 6-10pm.

There's the unanswered question, celebrity guests, and of course your phone calls...

Hands Off - that's my bedpan! Just one of the many funny remarks that Duncan gets on his Evening Programme, nightly from 6.00pm.

With more than 30 years of presenting, nothing surprises him these days.

Living near Chacewater, where after 20 years he's still renovating his cottage, 'There's no point in rushing these things'. Duncan is perfectly at home on BBC Radio Cornwall each evening, presenting a programme that's shared with Devon & the Channel Islands, where over the past years he has built-up a legion of firm friends who are only too eager to devolve some of the most amazing stories.

Like the lady who collects bedpans, and having bought one on a recent trip to London turned a few heads when she took it on the underground. There's Ian the bus driver who's passengers have no choice but to listen to the show each evening, he's installed his own radio in the bus. And the gentleman who restores pre-war valve radio's & takes great pride in telling Duncan on what type of 'wireless' he's listening to the programme each night.

With the arrival of listening to the radio via the Internet, Duncan's show is one with a truly international audience. Due to the time slot it's proving popular, in particular with America & Canada, where office workers are tuning-in, and taking part during their afternoon shift.

As the programme goes to air, Duncan is bombarded with e-mails from around the globe from Internet listeners, many of whom have family or roots in Cornwall, and in some cases, on-line listeners have become a regular feature of the programme.

Such as Thea Dymott from High River, Alberta, Canada, who settles down each afternoon with a cup of coffee to listen to the programme, and keep her family in north Cornwall, who she has not seen for over 20 years, posted with weather conditions and events locally. There's Zane from Texas, Barbara from New York, and Shirley from Florida, for whom the programme is now part of their everyday routine.

From Windsor, Ontario, Jeff & Marie Sargent have kept everyone informed of their daughters wedding at the Niagara Falls. Closer to home Barry & Pat Lester, who left Cornwall three years ago to work in Spain, tease us each evening with their weather forecasts, and keep us informed with local news. And there's Kevin Oliver with greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

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