01/06/2013 GMT

Fast Track explores the tension between oil exploration and the protection of significant heritage sites. Rajan visits an indigenous Kichwe community in the Amazon basin, under threat because of oil exploration, and meets the British woman who gave up life in Europe to marry an Ecuadorean shamen and embrace his local culture. The country's infrastructure has made dramatic leaps in 2013, and Rajan travels on the newly restored Devil's Nose Railway which was destroyed by El Nino. The railway is considered the most dangerous in the world to build and repair, because of its route through incredibly steep-sided ravines and valleys. He also looks at what Quito's new second international airport means for tourism in Ecuador, and for the citizens of the capital city, and encounters Afro Ecuadorians � a minority and marginalised population, but who make up many of the stars of the national football team, and who have their own separate culture inside Ecuador.

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