Myanmar's Extremist Monk

In the past year a Buddhist nationalist group called 9-6-9 has spread rapidly across Burma. Lead by a monk called Wirathu it calls on Burmese Buddhists to boycott Muslim businesses. 969 claims to be non-violent but has been widely blamed for stoking up anti-Muslim sentiments which have led to more than two hundred deaths. For Our World Jonah Fisher has been to Burma to meet Wirathu and members of Burma�s Muslim community who�ve been caught up in clashes with Buddhists nationalists.

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Mon 30 Dec 2013 23:30 GMT

Going hungry in Venezuela

Supermarket shelves

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House of horrors

Red House

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Disabled and Displaced

(L) Syrian refugee Moead and BBC correspondent Nikki Fox (R)

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Killing the Ganges


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