Programmes is a new service from the BBC providing a persistent web presence for almost all of the BBC's TV and Radio programmes.


The service is under active development - and we continue to release enhancements every few weeks. Our work is guided by a couple of underlying principles: that of 'linked data' and the BBC's Fifteen Web Principles. And with that in mind please let us know what you think - all suggestions and comments are gratefully received via the Backstage mailing list.

So what have we got to offer currently?

Programmes Ontology

The ontology aims at providing a simple vocabulary for describing programmes. It covers brands, series (seasons), episodes, broadcast events, broadcast services, etc.

The design and layout of the ontology document is based on the Music Ontology and FOAF Vocabulary specification documents.

Alternate serialisations

Our plan is to make all resources available in a variety of formats: XML, JSON, RDF, iCal. We currently we have XML, JSON and RDF views for:


/:service/programmes/schedules{/:outlet} /:service/programmes/schedules{/:outlet}/:year/:month/:day /:service/programmes/schedules{/:outlet}/yesterday /:service/programmes/schedules{/:outlet}/today /:service/programmes/schedules{/:outlet}/tomorrow


{/:service}/programmes/genres/:genre1{/:genre2{/:genre3}}/schedules {/:service}/programmes/genres/:genre1{/:genre2{/:genre3}}/schedules/:year/:month/:day {/:service}/programmes/genres/:genre1{/:genre2{/:genre3}}/schedules/upcoming


/programmes/:groupPID/episodes/upcoming /programmes/:groupPID/episodes/upcoming/debut /programmes/:groupPID/episodes/player

To access these add .xml or .json to the end of the url. For example:

The XML serialisation for the Radio 1 England schedule is:

The JSON serialisation for upcoming Sci Fi programmes on TV is:

The JSON serialisation for upcoming episodes of the Archers is:

Whilst we have done our best to implement a structure that will always be backwardly compatible, it should be noted that there is a chance the structure of these outputs will change, based on the availability of new data internally and on the feedback we get from the development community - we will announce these changes and availability of other formats via the Backstage mailing list.

See the Radio Labs blog for a post on iCal views into Programmes data.