The Roman Way

Alan Dein follows the fast-moving story of a squatter who takes over a pub in Luton - he says for the benefit of the local community.

The Roman Way is a sprawling 1960s pub at the centre of the Lewsey Farm housing estate.

The landlord of fourteen years, Declan, made the decision earlier this year to give up the business and return to Ireland to start a new life.

But, just as Declan is leaving, on his very last morning in the pub, Biggs turns up; a larger-than-life local character determined to take over the pub on behalf of the newly formed Lewsey Farm Community Action Group.

Dressed in a hoodie and bandana and carrying a heavy chain, he negotiates his way past police and a representative from the pub's owners, and - in his terminology - 'legally occupies' the building.

Over the next few weeks the story takes many unexpected twists and turns, and draws in bailiffs, security guards, police and the local community.

Alan Dein watches as the story comes to a conclusive end.

Producer: Karen Gregor.

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30 minutes

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Mon 15 Sep 2014 23:30