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Episode 15

Gardeners' World, 2014 Episode 15 of 31

With the garden growing before his eyes, Monty Don has plenty to be getting on with at Longmeadow. In preparation for beautiful late summer grass borders, he fills the gaps that the diseased box hedges have left with grasses he has raised from seed.

Joe Swift casts his designer's eye over a city garden in London and highlights the key principles to be kept in mind when making the most of a small space.

And we pay a visit to a stunning arts-and-crafts-style garden, High Glanau Manor near Monmouth, where colour and proportion come together in perfect harmony.

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Using colour to design your garden

Using colour to design your garden

When designing a planting scheme for a container, border or whole garden, colour is a key yet often overlooked factor. We choose plants we like and put them together, not thinking about how the colours they provide in the garden work together. Colour choices are entirely personal but here are a few thoughts to help you rethink colour in your garden. 

Don’t be afraid of clashing colours. Monty uses these in the Jewel garden. If they are of equal tonal strength you can mix them together. But if one is paler or weaker than the rest it will get lost. Test out some looks at the garden centre before you buy by placing plants together and see what you like. 

White will reflect light so use it in shady places where it will stand out. Another trick is to use it in parts of the garden where you will sit in the evening as garden lighting or latent light from your house will pick the whites out and ensure your garden still looks beautiful even after dark.

Don’t neglect the colour of your garden walls, fences or pots. These have to be considered when creating your garden as it could make or break the overall design.

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Designs on Chelsea Competition

Follow the link below to find out more about the competition and how to apply:

Designs on Chelsea (

High Glanau Manor

High Glanau Manor
NP25 4AD

Helena Gerrish, owner of High Glanau Manor, shows us around her garden and tells us how she restored the gardens to their former glory. When she arrived the gardens were totally overgrown. The former herbaceous borders had been concreted over with a swimming pool. After some research and the discovery of some photos of the garden in their prime, Helena was able to restore the garden to Henry Avray Tipping’s original design and style.

When to visit High Glanau Manor (

Jobs for the weekend: Water newly established plants

Hedges, trees or shrubs planted earlier this year will need watering now. Avoid sprinklers - instead apply the water directly to the roots of the plant where it is needed, giving them a really generous soaking. It is much better to do this once every week or two weeks rather than a little sprinkle each day, it will help the plants establish really well.

Watering advice and tips (

Jobs for the weekend: Tie in tomatoes

To make tomatoes become strong healthy plants, regularly tie in the growing stem to the cane using soft twine to stop stresses or strains on the plant. Pinch out side shoots that grow between the leaf and the main stem. Water regularly, giving plants a good soak at least once a week and, if you wish, apply a general purpose feed.  

Growing tomatoes (www.rhs/

Jobs for the weekend: Ventilate the greenhouse

In summer preventing a greenhouse overheating is important. First thing in the morning open the doors, windows and vents letting the air flow through. As well as watering the plants, water the floors as this lowers the air temperature and increases humidity. The combination of good ventilation and humidity helps prevent most greenhouse problems.

More tips to prevent greenhouses overheating (


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