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The defending champions, the Welsh team, make their first appearance in the new season of Round Britain Quiz, facing the formidable Midlands team who already have a victory under their belt this year. Tom Sutcliffe is in the chair to ensure fair play and to stop the panel from going down too many blind alleys in answering the notoriously cryptic questions.

For Wales it's David Edwards and Myfanwy Alexander, versus the Midlands regulars Rosalind Miles and Stephen Maddock.

The more help Tom has to give them, the fewer points they'll score. The programme also features some of the best of the recent questions devised and sent in by listeners.

Producer: Paul Bajoria.

Release date:

28 minutes

Last on

Sat 7 Jun 2014 23:00


Q1  Wales

Psychological bullying before a cricket match, creative use of hairdresser’s tongs, and the dance of death. Which one of these activities would not have been welcomed in Sochi?


Q2  Midlands

2010 was in 1982; 2061 was in 1987; and 3001 came in 1997. What is this about, and which year started it all off?


Q3  Wales


Music Question

Why, and in what circumstances, a monied man of the 18th century might have expected to come across all of them?


Q4  Midlands


Music Question

To which late, great musician is this sequence a (rather unlikely) tribute?



Q5  Wales


If London buses times Jumbo jets equal Wales, why would Wales times Eiffel Towers offer a field of contest to Phelps and Spitz?



Q6  Midlands


What connects a King who became a President after a scandal, the creator of Ashburnham and Tietjens, and a director best known for his love of the great outdoors – and why might they not be as shallow as they first appear?


Q7  Wales


Why might a toccata for organ, Father Mulcahy and the north wing of the Capitol all sound as if they have no sound?


Q8  Midlands


How would the addition of the gas constant transform:

The composer of ‘The Protecting Veil’ into the composer of the ‘Western Wynde Mass’; 

A Benedictine monk and historian into a journalist and former MP;

But a double dose be required to transform a ‘fifth Beatle’ into the creator of Westeros and Essos?


Why would Paul Weller come before Eric Clapton in St Ives, but the other way round in Torquay? And why are you Destined to pronounce the link incorrectly?


This refers to afternoon tea. Paul Weller and Eric Clapton might suggest the rock groups The Jam and Cream. Traditionally they spread the jam on before adding the cream in Cornwall, and the other way round in Devon.


The common factor is the scone, which can be pronounced in a number of ways - although it’s most unlikely you’d pronounce it ‘scoon’, like the Stone of Scone, otherwise known as the Stone of Destiny, the traditional place of coronation of the Kings of Scotland, England and the United Kingdom.


Can you put the following in order, from East to West? A precious metal, an American city, an American state, a weapon and the queen of heaven.


There are no prizes, it's just for fun! The answer will be revealed in next week's programme.

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