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Dom and David

Barely Legal Drivers, Series 2 Episode 2 of 6

Britain's young drivers are some of the most dangerous in Europe. This series follows another 12 new drivers to see what they are really like behind the wheel. In each episode, two new drivers are let loose on the road in the family car for a week.

The young drivers believe they are filming a slice of modern teenage life, but in fact it is all about their driving. The cars are fitted with state-of-the-art cameras and a hidden telemetry device to track their speed.

Each of them takes three trips that test every aspect of their driving. Little do they know that their parents are watching their every move on the road. Nor do they have any idea that former traffic cop Judith Roberts and top driving instructor John Lepine MBE are judging their road skills.

At the end of the three journeys, Judge Judith reaches a decision on each driver. If she hasn't liked what she's seen, she will hand out bespoke driving lessons that target bad habits. But if she thinks the novices are up to scratch, she will hand their parents the cash to buy them a car of their own.

Dominique is a night owl determined to live life in the fast lane. A ball of energy, the 19-year-old from Berkshire rockets between part-time jobs that fit in around her full-time devotion to parties. But two years ago, her parents split and now her mum's selling the family home. Every penny counts and Dom, her sister and her brother all have to pay their way. Can party girl Dom settle down to a proper job and contribute to the household coffers? A car would really help. However, Dom drives just as she lives - at 100 miles per hour. In fact, she crashed her last car so many times that it was carted off for scrap.

In east London, 18-year-old David dreams of becoming a Premier League football manager. For now, he's coaching local kids and is desperate for his own motor and independence. But his dad's a retired paramedic and has cleared up way too many road smashes to let David off the leash just yet.

Over the week, Dom and David make three road trips, completely unaware that their parents are secretly scrutinising their driving, as are judges Judith and John. At the end of the three drives, Judith alone decides whether they are ready to be trusted with their own car or sent back to driving school for a refresher.

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Executive ProducerHarry Lansdown
Executive ProducerMaureen Goldthorpe
Series ProducerSara Woodford

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