Jay Rayner and the Inheritance Tracks of Julian Lloyd Webber

Richard Coles in London and Suzy Klein in Bristol from the Bristol Food Connections Festival with food writer Jay Rayner, The Inheritance Tracks of Julian Lloyd Webber, Nick Hunt following in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor on his 2,500 mile walk from Rotterdam to Istanbul, JP Devlin meeting urban gull expert Peter Rock on a Bristol rooftop, poetry from Elvis McGonagall, Vicky Harrison who is knitting Bristol in miniature and Romy Gill, chef and restaurant owner on the immeasurable joys of modern Indian food.

Jay Rayner, food critic, author and jazz pianist joins Richard in the studio. 'Kitchen Cabinet' starts on BBC Radio 4 on 10 May.

Richard Smith aka Elvis McGonagall performs poems on Bristol and food. Elvis McGonagall is on Radio 4 on Wednesday nights at 2300 with a new show 'Elvis McGonagall Looks on the Bright Side'.

Romy Gill runs Romy's kitchen in Thornbury (near Bristol) and is a chef/owner. Brought up in West Bengal she talks to Suzy about her early life, running a small business and why Bristol is so interesting for food.
JP Devlin roams the streets of Bristol to record a crowdscape.

Nick Hunt took Patrick Leigh Fermor's epic walk to Istanbul in the early 1930's to heart and followed, pretty much, in his exact footsteps in about half the time. 'Walking the Woods and the Water: in Patrick Leigh Fermor's footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn' by Nick Hunt (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) is out now.

JP meets Peter Rock, the UK's leading urban gull expert, on a Bristol roof with some breeding pairs.
Vicky Harrison and a team of merry crafters have been knitting the city of Bristol. Vicky talks to Suzy about 'Briswool' and how communities can come together creatively.

Julian Lloyd-Webber's Inheritance Tracks are The March from the Love For Three Oranges by Prokofiev and The Little Beggar Boy by Piazzolla played by Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd-Webber.

Producer: Chris Wilson.

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Knitting Bristol with Vicky Harrison

Knitting Bristol with Vicky Harrison

While lots of us are happy to while away the empty hours of the weekend winding the odd bit of whicker, or doing a spot of crochet, not many people decide to devote their time to knitting an entire city. That’s what craft queen Vicky Harrison has done – she currently a month away from completing her epic knitted replica of Bristol.

(Pic: The buildings are the mud dock cycle cafe, Watershed and the crane from the docks.)


Studio Photo

Studio Photo
Jay Rayner, Nick Hunt and Richard Coles.

Today’s Special - A Recipe

Take one place way out in the mild, mild west

Light the Gas, get out a melting pot

Throw in merchants, Methodists and pirates

Mix Georgian splendour with graffitied squat


Marinade slowly in rum and sugar

Smoke in hand-rolled tobacco by the docks

Sear its past with the scars of slavery

Infuse its soul with the unorthodox


Whisk up a bridge across the Avon Gorge

Steam in the shipshape fashion of Brunel

Blend Wallace and Gromit’s cracking ideas

With Concorde’s supersonic farewell


Beat drum ‘n bass ‘n dub into trip-hop

Wallop in a dollop of Banksy’s wit

Preserve pride in a People’s Republic

Flambe in a riot of colour and grit


Melt Fry’s chocolate, stir in Nathan Filer’s words

Add Chris and Johnny Morris - a pinch of each

Pour in a blue glass of rich Harvey’s Cream

Sprinkle with the stardust of Archibald Leach


Season and spice with DJ Derek’s reggae

Braise in cider and anarchic spirit

Drizzle in “Brizzle” a la Julie Burchill

“Awright me old babber, mazen’, innit?”


Garnish with the Old Vic’s “Salad Days”

Serve chilled out and downtempo, don’t rush

A radical dish, full of flavours, yer tiz -

Just a little taste of Bristol - girt lush


by elvis mcgonagall for “saturday live” 3/5/2014


A World of Food

“Are you ready to order?” asked the waiter

“Yes” I said, “Feed me like an epicure                                           

I want to eat my way around the world

Take me on a gastronomic tour


I’d like Arbroath smokies and Parma ham

Worcester sauce, Peking duck, Dover sole

Sardines, Baked Alaska, Dijon mustard

And a California sushi roll


Jerusalem artichokes, Brussels sprouts

French fries, French dressing, French beans

Yorkshire pudding and Turkish delight

Frankfurters, Hamburgers, Tangerines


Greek yoghurt, Scotch bonnets and Bombay mix


“Sir, I’ll stop you right there” said the waiter

“That’s far too many toppings for one pizza”


by elvis mcgonagall for “saturday live” 3/5/2014



Eating Out

Don’t want “pan-fried” gnu in a saffron jus

Dribbled with a foam of unicorn tears

Don’t want “hand-foraged” truffles topped with gold dust

Resting on a bed of ridiculous ideas


Don’t want food “plated up” by Jackson Pollock

Don’t want spuds sculpted like mini Taj Mahals

Don’t need a night sky of Michelin stars

Don’t need a right load of old Blumenthals


Just give me a taverna on an island

Ouzo and pistachios for starters

Plump purple olives, oil, salt, hunks of bread

Dunked in pale white taramasalata


Barefoot in the sand by the Aegean

Garlic frying in a beachside kantina

Skordalia and golden kalamari

A cold tin mug of pine-scented Retsina


A soft breeze full of thyme and oregano

Tomatoes bursting with sunshine, sharp feta

The warm vanilla glow of Metaxa

A little slice of heaven, none better


by elvis mcgonagall for “saturday live” 3/5/2014





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