Peace in our time: Russia, the USA and the EU agree a deal to ease tensions in Ukraine.
Not much was expected from high-level four-way talks between Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU in Geneva - but it seems that a genuine compromise may have been reached. One that could stop a descent into civil war in eastern Ukraine. The task of monitoring the deal on the ground goes to Europe's Organisation for Security and Cooperation. The OSCE's Secretary General, Lamberto Zannier, talks to the World Tonight about the task ahead.

Do you remember Rob Ford? He's the Mayor of Toronto... the one caught on film smoking crack cocaine and making threats to kill. He's launched his re-election campaign. We assess his chances.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, says the atmosphere at Prime Minister's Question Time is making some Mps, especially women, avoid the occasion altogether. We ask two women - one an MP, one a journalist - what they think.

Our reporter, Andrew Hosken, reports from Gagauzia, a small autonomous region of Moldova which has been watching events in Ukraine with interest. Most of its inhabitants are Russian speakers and many desire closer ties with their former Soviet master.

And Mike Wooldridge reports from Kashmir, where Indians have been casting their ballots in the biggest day of voting in the country's general election, which is taking place over a number of weeks. The ruling Congress Party is pitted against the main opposition BJP, with the BJP widely favoured to win. It makes it likely that Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India. He has a hardline reputation and is seen by critics as anti-Muslim. That means the results will be watched very closely in the OTHER part of Kashmir, that's administered by Pakistan.

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