Power bills and buses

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Record numbers have complained about their energy companies. Fair dealing is part of any energy companies licence conditions what steps can the regulator Ofgem take - we'll hear from the regulator's consumer spokesman.

It's nearly 30 years since buses were privatised. We were promised cheaper fares, more buses and less public subsidy. In most cases the opposite has happened. Now one transport authority, nexus, which covers Tyne and Wear in the North East wants to their regulate buses. A bus company and local MP debate the issue.

Some predict that in the future we will not need factories. 3-printers, already used to print out everything from houses to body parts, will do it all for us at home. As the first 3-D desk toop printers come into the shops we ask what people will really use them for.

Two You & Yours listeners report on how they have attempted to make their homes more energy efficient.

Is cheap wine necessarily bad wine? A report finds most people won't spend more than £6 a bottle we'll ask which plonk shames rivals that cost a lot more.

There are new rules covering how bailiffs operate. What difference will it make to debtors and creditors?

And it's three months to the Grand Depart, the part sporting event part travelogue the world 's toughest and most popular annual sporting event kicks off in Yorkshire this year; we'll take a peak at preparations.

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