Accessible websites; VIP Advisor

The European Parliament has voted in a draft law to make all public service websites accessible: what impact it will have in the UK?

Artur Ortega, a web developer, and Paul Warner, a trainer in assistive technology, share their views on whether encouraging social responsibility or more regulation will help to make websites more accessible to the software visually impaired people use such as screen reader technology and screen enlargement software. It is estimated that less than one third of Europe's public sector and government websites, and even less than 10 % of Europe's websites in general, are fully accessible.

VIP-advisor is a virtual repository on the internet where visually impaired people can record in audio, questions or responses to other people's views about visual impairment, and then upload them on the website Audioboo. Users can then browse and listen to advice, comments and debates. We speak to Paul Warner, who runs VIP-advisor about why he has set up this audio exchange of ideas.

Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Lee Kumutat
Editor: Andrew Smith

(Image: Peter White, Claire Randall and Ben, Paul Hopkins and Usher in the In Touch studio.).

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