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Episode 3

Gardeners' World, 2014 Episode 3 of 31

Gardeners' World continues with more timely spring tasks to keep our gardens looking their best. Monty Don is pruning his buddleja and sowing seeds for a stunning summer display.

Carol Klein meets a young family in Gloucestershire who are just getting started with their first garden. Over the course of the year, Carol will be helping and advising them on how to transform their small space into a lovely multifunctional family garden.

Joe Swift visits a gardener in Northumberland who copes with temperatures of -18C in the winter and 30C in the summer. Despite these extremes, she has succeeded in developing a wonderful garden she can enjoy all year round.

And we meet a grower whose love of butterflies and bees has inspired his fabulous and extensive collection of buddleja.

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Spring containers

Spring containers

Now is the time to get colour into your pots and create a bit of wow factor!  There are some great plants to choose from, so take a trip down to your local garden centre and see what’s on offer.

Monty used rich russets and burgundy  with a touch of purple and then emphasised the flowers with some dark foliage. He used Euphorbia ‘Efanthia’ as his centrepiece but you could use a cordyline, an evergreen grass or even a phormium. All could be planted out in your garden afterwards or used as a centrepiece for your summer display. Here’s a list of what Monty used in his big pot:

  • Euphorbia ‘Efanthia’  x 1
  • Heuchera ‘Mahogany’ x 3
  • Viola ‘Sorbet Red Blotch’ x 10
  • A mix of pansies in burgundy and purple x 10

Do remember to pack your pot with plants as they won’t put on much growth over the next couple of months. And to make a big impact in a small pot, it’s worth sticking to one or two colours.

Bedding plants (

Buddleja garden featured

The Lavender Garden
Ashcroft Nurseries
Tel. 01453 860356
Andrew Bullock grows over a 100 different types of buddleja at his nursery near Tetbury. They’ll be at their peak in August, so if you fancy a visit, check out the website below:

The Lavender Garden (

Jobs for the weekend: Set beer traps for slugs

As new shoots emerge and seedlings are growing, beware of slugs and snails. They can munch through your plants in a matter of hours! Place some shallow containers amongst your most vulnerable plants and part fill with beer. These slimy fiends will then be attracted to the beer, rather than the plants. 

More on controlling slugs & snails (

Jobs for the weekend: Thin seedlings

Seedlings need air and light to develop properly. If they become overcrowded,  this may weaken them and they may suffer from a fatal disease called damping off. To help guard against this, it’s worth thinning them out. It may seem harsh, but it will ensure you get better, stronger plants in the long run. If you are growing seedlings in soil blocks or plugs, reduce the seedlings down to one per unit.

What is damping off? (

Jobs for the weekend: Plant out early salads

If you’re eager to get started on the veg plot, why not grow a few salads from seed? Rocket is really easy to grow and will germinate in no time. Young plants can be transplanted now too. If you haven’t grown any yourself, your local garden centre may well have some young lettuce plants in stock. Plant them about 15cm (6in) apart and protect them with either a layer of fleece or a cloche. They will then grow and give you an early harvest while your direct-sown seedlings are developing.

Grow your own lettuce (


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