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As it's World Book Day, Horrible Histories author Terry Deary joins us for a special On This Day...

Little Samuel tells us about his very time playing hockey for his school and scoring 8 goals along the way!

Our Mystery Guest is Bitcoin Boffin 'Professor Jem Bendell'....

And our top tenuous is your desperate claims to the fame of real-life Capones!

Today's show is dedicated to all Jeff's as we sit here on the eve of the first ever National Jeff Day...

And, today's show is entitled: that's because tomorrow we have double Jeffordy on the breakfast show when both Jeff Lynne and Jeff Beck join us LIVE !!!

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Pause for Thought

Pause for Thought

From Sarah Joseph, Editor of Emel, the Muslim lifestyle magazine:



We recently found some old videos that our children had made when they were small. The movies are a wonderful narrative on their young life, as they were created carefree with no adult supervision. There are re-enactments of Disney movies, of singing and dancing, short plays they had made up themselves, with hilarious commentary from whoever was filming.



I am grateful that I obviously gave them so much unsupervised play time, as their own creativity is fantastic and far more engaging than anything I could have produced or directed. However there is one film I appear in, and the me of ten years ago really annoys the me of today.



The film starts with piano playing, before switching to a rendition of "You've Got to Move it Move it" from the film Madagascar with an accompanying dance by my son and nephew. My daughter is filming and a wonderful commentary can be heard as she goes about capturing home life. She starts walking up the stairs in search of more material when she bumps into me. I look at her, and without missing a beat, or enquiring what she is filming, say to her, "Don't waste the battery my love" and she switches the camera off!



I want to scream at me "Nooooo! What are you doing?!" But I can't, and the recording ends without me knowing what other joyous things she would have discovered.



That incident did not – thankfully – end their film making, as we have many more clips that follow, but it was such a pompous interjection that I now cringe!



If I could go back to that me on the stairs I'd tell myself - "Don't  stress about the small stuff. It's not worth it. Don't always be practical. Well done on providing them space and a camera, but heh! If you're worried about the battery – then buy them a second one, because  these are geniuses at work here! Enjoy these years, they'll be gone in a flash."



But I cannot go back.



What I can do however is imagine myself ten years from now, and try and capture the advice I would give the me of today.  And I have a feeling I would be saying, "Don't  stress about the small stuff. It's not worth it. Enjoy these years, they'll be gone in a flash."

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