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Pension pot confusion; Fluid situation; Stamping out avoidance; A-Z of no claims bonuses

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Saturday 15 February 2014

On Money Box with Lesley Curwen:

Are annuities - the pension savings you convert into a yearly income - fit for purpose? The City Regulator, the FCA, has published a review showing the annuities market is definitely not working for consumers. Many people are losing out, perhaps by thousands of pounds in the longterm because of the way the industry works. The programme hears from the FCA as well as from pension experts.

The severe floods crisis has done nothing to change the insurance industry's attitude to flood risk, according to the industry body, the ABI. Meanwhile, there's growing controversy about insurance subsidies for people living in high-risk areas of flooding. The ABI has told Money Box it defends the decision to exclude various groups from the protection offered by the 'Flood Re' scheme from next year, including leaseholders, small businesses and rented properties. Money Box unpicks the latest developments.

HMRC has staged a clampdown on legal firms which offer house buyers stamp-duty avoidance schemes. Thousands of people are believed to have taken part. Money Box speaks to one woman who signed up to such a scheme, and is now facing a bill for £5000 from the Revenue. A legal expert tells us she has little hope of winning a case. Is it ever right to try to out-smart the taxman?

How much attention do you pay to your no claims bonus for car insurance? Some insurers advertise big discounts to be had if you've got a large No Claims Bonus - maybe 8 years. How much difference does it make to your premium, and are the discounts standard across most insurers? Expect plenty of analysis and use of spreadsheets!!!!


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