Episode 3

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Unsuspecting young people fly over 6,000 miles away from home for the holiday of a lifetime in Thailand, little knowing that their parents will be following them and watching their every move.

Two groups of boys join the 25,000 party goers that head to Koh Phangan's famous Full Moon Party.

In Leicester, 20-year-old rugby playing student Callum is excited about getting 'off his face' in Thailand, but he doesn't know his limits with drink, recently breaking his teeth in a drunken fall. His dad worries that it's his fault that he drinks so much and both parents are concerned that the amount he drinks is steadily increasing, but Callum thinks he's too young to worry about it. Also going are mates Luke and Ryan who are predicting that the Full Moon Party is going to be the best night of their lives.

21-year-old builder Lindon from Peterborough lives with his devoted mum Sarah. Because she came from a strict background she has raised her son encouraging him to do whatever he wants to do, giving him lots of freedom. Lindon says he's guaranteed to pull on a night out and breaks his mum's rules about not bringing girls back to the house. Going with him are friends Geoffrey and Luke who are equally as girl-mad and intent on pulling.

Lindon's mum makes a big show of letting him know she'll miss him, but little does he know that she and his nan will be flying out after them, along with Callum's parents, to watch everything they get up to.

The Peterborough boys arrive with sex on the brain and head to a pool party where Lindon gets his first snog of the holiday. These boys need no excuses to get naked and perform what they like to call the 'windmill', but they start to realise that they may be too wild even for Thailand and head home alone without female company.

Callum's group have had a boozy flight and are set on getting drunk to new levels on this holiday. 18 hours of non-stop drinking later and an accident on a water slide leaves Callum spitting blood. It's 5pm and Callum is done for the night, but in his sleep he will have yet another accident.

The next day Callum hits the booze again and is complaining that his friends aren't drinking enough, but his plan to be drunk all the time is backfiring and once again he's going home early, unable to even unlock his apartment. Lindon's group head to a jungle party and are mystified as to why their pulling technique of getting naked and asking for threesomes isn't working.

Callum's drinking is starting to ruin the other boys' holiday and finally someone has noticed Lindon's 'windmilling' - the Thai police. The parents watch on in horror as their boys continue to get their bits out and drink themselves into a stupor. Can they turn things around and manage to make their parents proud or will there be stern words when the parents reveal themselves?

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Executive Producer
Jo Scarratt-Jones
Series Producer
Blake McGrow


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