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Unsuspecting young people fly over 6,000 miles away from home for the holiday of a lifetime in Thailand, little knowing that their parents will be following them and watching their every move.

It is buckets of booze, ladyboys, pole-dancers and 'tactical vomiting' for two very different groups of mates on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand's original party destination.

In Huddersfield, image-conscious 20-year-old IT consultant Alex lives with his mum Suzanna and her partner Paul. Alex allows his mum to do everything for him and takes full advantage. Suzanna doesn't know much about Alex's love life and believes that he is sensible with money, strict with his budget and not much of a drinker. Joining him on his Thai adventure are best mates Josh and Tom, who can not wait to get stuck into Thailand's infamous buckets of alcohol.

In Kent, 22-year-old Joss lives with his mum Penny and has only ever left the country once before. Joss has been in theatre school for four years and dreams of being on the West End stage, but has been out of work for several months and is lacking self-belief. Joss was given a hard time at school for being different and his mum is hoping that this trip will help him gain the confidence to be himself. Going with him are his two friends from drama college, Eman and Danielle.

Sixteen hours after leaving the UK they arrive in Bangkok and both groups are preparing for a night on the town and possible pulling. Alex's group end up in a pole-dancing club and he is quickly splashing the cash buying the strippers drinks and shoving notes in their direction. On the other side of town Joss's group are watching a different kind of show - the Bangkok Ladyboy Cabaret.

By the end of the first day, Alex has spent his entire budget. However one overdraft extension later, the boys arrive in Koh Samui and Alex is spending heavily again on bottles of champagne. Joss's group end up stuck in the hotel room nursing Eman, whose stomach reacts badly to a fried scorpion he ate in Bangkok. Unbeknown to them, the parents have touched down and are about to watch last night's antics.

There are tears, anger and arguments from the parents as they watch their children letting loose on holiday, and when they finally reveal themselves to the boys, emotions run very high.

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