Scorsese, Beckett, & Sons

Martin Scorsese's new film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a dodgy stock dealer in 1980s New York. The Wolf of Wall Street shows the life of wild excess and reckless financial and personal abandon that eventually came tumbling down.

Usually we review one play per week on the programme, but this time it's 3 plays - and they take less than an hour all in. Samuel Beckett's Not I, Footfall and Rockaby are currently at The Royal Court Theatre and will be touring the country later this year.

& Sons is David Gilbert's new novel. It's the story of a famous J.D. Salinger-type novelist and his complicated relationships with his sons and with friends and associates outside his own family.

An exhibition of art by Hannah Hoch looks at the work of the often-overlooked Dadaist pioneer who was an originator of photo-montage. Do her critiques of 1920s Germany still resonate nowadays?

A new TV series looking at the heyday of gangsters in Chicago; Mob City, is just starting - what new angle can TV bring to this much-exploited genre?

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Sat 18 Jan 2014 19:15

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese, is released in UK cinemas on Friday 17 January, certificate 18.

Not I / Footfalls / Rockaby

The Royal Court Theatre’s production of Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby by Samuel Beckett, performed by Lisa Dwan, runs until 18 January and then transfers to the Duchess Theatre in London, 3 – 15 February 2014, before embarking on a national tour.

& Sons

& Sons by David Gilbert is published by Fourth Estate on 16 January.

Mob City

Mob City starts Friday 17 January at 10pm on Fox UK. 

Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch, the exhibition is at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, 15 January – 23 March 2014.