There may soon be changes to the guidelines about who should be given statins on the NHS.
NICE - the body that decides - is carrying out a review - their decision is expected next month.
Statins lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. They are already among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK. At the moment they're given to people who've had a heart attack of stroke or who are at risk of having one. But these guidelines are being reviewed because of new evidence that perfectly healthy people would benefit from taking a statin too.

Is the Olympic legacy safe? Work is well underway transforming the Olympic park in East London but it seems there is a funding gap. The London assembly question the head of the legacy company to find out how the gap will be plugged.

Some care homes are paying thousands of pounds for the basic GP service, which people have always been told would be free. Is charging care home residents for healthcare right?

It's long been the safe option for the big night out - the Little Black Dress. Fashion historians say we have Coco Chanel to thank for that. But online retailers like Asos are reporting that sales of black dresses are down, while colourful prints are up. The theory is it's because black dresses don't photograph well. They don't look great when you are browsing online and they don't stand out on social networks.

And the Food & Farming Awards for Best Food Retailer. We've been talking about the state of the high street this week after the first good news in quite a while - the figures for shop vacancies are falling. We had your verdict in our phone in on Tuesday and one called - a lorry driver - said the local high street is already dead, we just haven't noticed or accepted it yet. We wondered what Charles Campion the food critic and writer thinks. He's one of the judges in the BBC's Food and Farming awards. Nominate you favourite for Best Food Retailer.

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How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

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