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Tunisian Cartoonist Nadia Khiari talks about how her life has changed since the uprising in 2011 and why her character "Willis from Tunis", a cat that she uses to satirise politicians, has become so popular.

Hundreds of parents flee the country every year to prevent their children being taken in to care. We hear from one mum who did this to prevent the forced adoption of her son.
Why South Asian and black women in England have lower rates of breast cancer than white women.

What does the French public make of the alleged affair involving President Francois Hollande? Are attitudes to politicians' privacy changing and what is the attraction of an affair with a political leader?

Mark Duggan's family have refused to accept last week's verdict that he was lawfully killed by the police in 2011. His family have said they will continue their fight for justice. But what impact does a long running campaign have on a family? We talk to one mother who has been campaigning for more than 15 years.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Beverley Purcell.

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French Mistresses

The French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler has been admitted to hospital after reports of an alleged affair involving President Francois Hollande. Today President Hollande will be giving a press conference and many are speculating whether he will comment on the affair, which has been widely reported in the press. Traditionally stories about the sexual shenanigans of French politicians have been not been aired in public, out of a respect for privacy, but now that seems to be changing. So what does the French public make of it, are attitudes to politicians’ privacy changing and what is the attraction of an affair with a political leader? Guests Edwina Currie, former politician who had an affair with John Major and Anne Elizabeth Moutet, French journalist.

Breast Cancer and Ethnicity

South Asian and black women in England have lower breast cancer rates than white women, but before now the reasons for this have not been fully understood. Now new findings from the Million Women Study link the ethnic differences largely, if not wholly, to lifestyle factors rather than genetics. Jane talks to Dr Julie Sharp, Cancer Research UK’s head of health information, about the findings and their implications.

Nadia Khiari

Before the uprising in Tunisia in January 2011, Nadia Khiari was working as an artist and teacher. The freedom that came after the fall of President Ben Ali inspired her to take a new direction. She became a cartoonist and her character "Willis from Tunis", a cat that she uses to satirise politicians and discuss the issues of everyday life, has become popular in Tunisia and France.

Contested Adoption

Hundreds of parents flee the country every year to stop their children being adopted. According to an investigation for this week’s Face the Facts five children a week in England are subject to  “forced adoption” - that’s where the biological parents want to keep their child but are over ruled by social services.

Campaigning Families

500 people attended a vigil for Mark Duggan at the weekend after a jury concluded he was lawfully killed. His family and friends said they would not accept it and would fight on. Speaking at the vigil were several women campaigners still fighting for justice: Mr Duggan’s aunt Carole, who has been at the forefront of the campaign, Marcia Rigg, the sister of Sean Rigg, who died in police custody in 2008, as well as mothers involved in the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. What does lifelong campaigning do to families and when is there a time to call it a day? Jane speaks to BBC reporter Ayshea Buksh and we hear from the mother and sister of Ricky Reel, Sukhdev and Tish Reel, about their continued campaign for justice.


Role Contributor
PresenterJane Garvey
Interviewed GuestEdwina Currie
Interviewed GuestAnne-Elizabeth Moutet
Interviewed GuestJulie Sharp
Interviewed GuestNadia Khiari
Interviewed GuestClare Mason
Interviewed GuestCorinne May-Chahal
Interviewed GuestAyshea Buksh
Interviewed GuestSukhdev Reel
Interviewed GuestTish Reel
ProducerBeverley Purcell

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