Energy prices drop; Investing in emerging markets; CPP compensation

This week the last of the big six energy suppliers announced which of their customers they would benefit from the savings they incurred following changes to the government's green levy deal.

The bill reductions are averaging around 3 per cent, but prices overall have still risen by more than twice that figure - and not all energy providers have agreed to reduce prices for all customers on existing fixed-price deals. Ann Robinson from U-Switch explains which customers are set to benefit from the price cuts, and whether it's time to think about switching to a new deal.

Also: Paul Lewis speaks to Jim O'Neill - the economist who coined the acronym BRICs about his new list of emerging markets to watch - the MINT countries, which consists of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. Paul speaks to editor-in-chief of Money Week Merryn Somerset Webb and Jerome Booth, author of 'Emerging Markets in an Upside-Down World' about the opportunities and risks of investing in these countries.

Plus: Pay-outs to 7 million CPP customers who were mis-sold insurance for their bank and credit cards are now likely to go ahead. Money Box reporter Bob Howard explains who might be eligible for compensation.

And after Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to keep the 'triple lock' on the state pension, guaranteeing at least a 2.5% rise until 2020 if the Conservatives win the next election, Money Box speaks to the Gabriel Sahlgren from the Institute of Economic Affairs about his report criticising government pension policy. Joining the discussion is independent pensions specialist Dr Ros Altmann.

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