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Rape Crisis Centres; Women in Nigeria; Swedish parenting; Body image and self-esteem

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Wednesday 08 January 2014

Inside a Rape Crisis Centre. Are Swedish parents failing their children and raising a nation of brats? We continue our exploration of the emerging MINT economies - why are the benefits of the Nigerian boom not reaching women? And self esteem and body image. Jenni Murray presents.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Karen Dalziel
Output Editor: Eleanor Garland.


4 items
  • Rape Crisis Centre in London

    Goverment statistics released early last year reported that 28% of women who are victims of the most serious sexual offences never tell anyone about it. The Rape Crisis movement believe that only around 15% of women and girls who experience sexual violence ever report to the police. So why do so few women disclose what has happened? Why don’t they go to the police and what does a Rape Crisis centre offer as an alternative that led to 78,000 calls in the last year? Jenni went to a Rape Crisis centre in London to investigate.


    Rape Crisis for women

    Survivors UK for men

    Victim Support for women and men

    Listen again: Jenni Murray visits a Sexual Offences Investigation Team in Hertfordshire to see how they deal with allegations of sexual violence


  • Is Sweden’s Parenting Style Creating A Generation of Unhappy Kids

    When Sweden became the first country in the world to ban smacking, in 1979, it signalled the beginning of a new chapter in the way parents relate to children. Parents were encouraged to give more attention to their offspring and to reason rather than discipline. However, a prominent Swedish psychiatrist David Eberhard now claims that the child-centric culture in Sweden has led to parents who are unwilling to discipline their children in any way, and this has resulted in a new generation of unhappy, disappointed young adults. What lessons can the UK learn?
    Guests: David Eberhard, author of ‘How Children Took Power’ joins Jenni from Sweden and Anastasia de Waal is from Family Lives.


  • MINT Economies: Nigeria

    In the third of our pieces looking at women and gender inequality in each of the new emerging MINT economies of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, today we turn to Nigeria. The country may be heralded as a bright new economic hope, but the picture is much bleaker for women.

    Why are the MINT countries special?

    Listen to our items on the situation for women in the other MINT economies:




  • How much is a woman’s worth linked to her body image?

    Does how you look hold you back from getting the job or the relationship you want? Who do you think is to blame? Jenni talks to Fatima Parker, a campaigner and public speaker about size acceptance and Kathryn Szrodecki, who campaigns on behalf of overweight people.


    On Monday January 13th Jane will be joined by the psychotherapist and author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, Susie Orbach, to talk about body image.  

    We want to hear from you. How much is your satisfaction or otherwise with yourself bound up with how you look? Do you feel under pressure to change through diet, hair dye, make up or even surgery? How has the way you feel about the way you look changed over your life time? How has your body image affected the rest of your life?


    We want to hear your experiences.  If you would like to take part in Monday’s programme please email us here.


Jenni Murray
Interviewed Guest
David Eberhard
Interviewed Guest
Anastasia de Waal
Interviewed Guest
Saudatu Mahdi
Interviewed Guest
Kathryn Szrodecki
Interviewed Guest
Fatima Parker
Interviewed Guest
Yvonne Traynor
Karen Dalziel


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