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Billy carries a sign through the market, featuring a picture of Janine as sponsor of the street party. Meanwhile, the real Janine’s desperately trying to negotiate with David but he’s unwavering - £250,000 is a good deal, he has plans that need money. Later, Billy finds No.27 in chaos. Seemingly terrified, Janine tells Billy David did it - he’s claiming she killed Michael, wants money and has threatened Scarlett. That night, Janine phones David while he’s comforting Carol and informs him she’s got his money but he’s going to rot in hell. David insists he already knew that and hangs up. Janine tells Billy she needs his help – she wants David dead.

A Salvation Army band plays in the Square. Carol buys some stocking decorating kits for the kids. Carol allows David to drive her to the hospital but doesn’t tell him why she’s going. David’s shocked when Carol’s consultant, Mr Rana, mentions that she’s there after finding a lump in her right breast. Carol admits that no-one else knows. Carol’s given a mammogram which shows up some small lumps as well as the larger one. She has biopsies taken from the lumps and the lymph nodes in her right armpit and is told she should get the results in just over a week. Carol tells David that she thinks it’s cancer. Meanwhile, Nikki, Bianca, Terry and Whitney take the kids to see Santa. Morgan’s fascinated by Santa’s beard and Rosie tells Santa she wants everyone she loves to be in the same house to open all their presents. Back at the Vic, Carol grabs some champagne, keen to get drunk. David assures Carol if she needs private treatment he’ll pay for it. Bianca arrives and decides Carol’s acting weirdly because she doesn’t like Terry. Carol sets her straight – she likes Terry but wants Bianca to promise her that tomorrow will be a really nice day. Terry admits to Bianca he wants Christmas as a family and Bianca agrees that Nikki can spend the day with them. Later that night, Carol sneaks away as the kids hang up their stockings. David finds Carol crying outside and comforts her. They’re interrupted by Janine phoning David. After David hangs up, David and Carol hug and then head back inside.
Kat’s annoyed with Alfie for clearly ignoring their £50 present limit. Kat refuses to tell Mo what she’s got Alfie and Mo claims she’s got a secret too. It’s Alfie and Kat’s last night in the Vic and the pub’s full, people are singing carols and Alfie and Kat give out champagne on the house. Kat and Alfie are delighted when Charlie arrives. Alfie makes a speech and Charlie notes that he’s about to cry. Alfie and Kat thank everyone and Charlie leads three cheers. Later, Kat puts a massive wrapped present under the tree for Alfie. Alfie watches her from the doorway and smiles.

Dot’s packing up her nativity scene and insists to Poppy she isn’t going to midnight mass. Poppy fetches Abi; they accidentally set the house alarm off and find a terrified Dot cowering in the kitchen. Dot confesses all about the distraction burglary and Abi realises Dot gave her own money to the church. Abi persuades Dot to come to midnight mass. At St Cuthbert’s, Abi and Poppy assure Dot things will get better. Reverend Stevens asks Dot if she’s ready for her star turn and Poppy gives Dot back her hand bell. Dot joins the other hand bell ringers and the choir to perform ‘Carol of the Bells’.

Only Joey turns up for Alice’s plea hearing. He’s aghast when Alice pleads guilty to Michael’s murder. Sentencing’s adjourned until the 24th January. Lauren finds a maudlin Joey drinking in the street and assures him she cares. Lauren joins Max in the Vic but is distracted by Jake, who’s at a nearby table with Sadie and Bella. Lauren sneaks out to meet Jake in an alley. Though both are plagued with guilt, they end up kissing but are unaware of Joey walking past and seeing them together.

Lola starts to have doubts about Peter’s feeling for her and asks him if he’s having second thoughts because she thinks she ‘kind of’ loves him. He replies that he ‘kind of’ loves her too and tomorrow they’re going to tell everyone they’re together.

Release date:

30 minutes

Last on

Christmas Eve 2013 22:30


Role Contributor
Janine ButcherCharlie Brooks
Billy MitchellPerry Fenwick
David WicksMichael French
Carol JacksonLindsey Coulson
Bianca ButcherPatsy Palmer
Terry SpragganTerry Alderton
Nikki SpragganRachel Wilde
Whitney DeanShona McGarty
Liam ButcherJames Forde
Max BranningJake Wood
Abi BranningLorna Fitzgerald
Lauren BranningJacqueline Jossa
Jake StoneJamie Lomas
Sadie YoungKate Magowan
Alfie MoonShane Richie
Kat MoonJessie Wallace
Mo HarrisLaila Morse
Charlie SlaterDerek Martin
Peter BealeBen Hardy
Lola PearceDanielle Harold
Poppy MeadowRachel Bright
Dot BranningJune Brown
Alice BranningJasmyn Banks
Joey BranningDavid Witts
Bella YoungIsobelle Molloy
Rosie SpragganJerzey Swingler
Tiffany ButcherMaisie Smith
TJ SpragganGeorge Sargeant
Morgan ButcherDevon Higgs
JudgeJohn McAndrew
Legal AdviserChristopher Rowe
Mr RanaRavi Aujla
Mark SagerMatthew Douglas
RadiologistJudi Scott
Reverend StevensMichael Keating
Executive ProducerDominic Treadwell-Collins
DirectorNic Phillips
WriterDaisy Coulam

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