Listeners take on financial firms

Paul Lewis celebrates Money Box listeners who've taken on financial firms over the past year about unfair treatment. Some have got money back for themselves and often helped other listeners by their example.

Top listener tips include: don't be too loyal to any firm that provides you with a financial product. Listener Alison Gann, who to her cost stayed with the same house insurance provider, shares her thoughts a year on. Her story prompted listeners to save thousands of pounds by shopping around for cheaper insurance quotes.

Cold calling and nuisance texts was another bugbear for listeners. Richard Herman has his own website called 'saynotocoldcalls'. He outlines how to record the calls, threaten the UK firms ultimately responsible with court action, and make money in the process by billing offending firms for his time.

And the Money Box energy challenge. Do you know your rights about claiming money back from your provider under the Energy Billing code? And that some firms may hold onto your money even when you've swapped to another energy provider? So check out if you are owed any money and report back to Money Box in 2014.

Joining Paul Lewis will be Sarah Pennells from and David Hickson from the Fair Telecoms Campaign.

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