Jerry Brotton: Mapping History

Pop-Up Ideas, Series 2 Episode 2 of 3

Jerry Brotton, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London, argues that how we see the world depends on where we stand on it.

He takes us back to the Hereford mappamundi - with its unicorns, griffins, cannibals and fabled cities - a world picture completely consistent, logical, and comprehensible to the England of 1300.

Google Hereford today, Professor Brotton says, and you find "a very different set of digital preoccupations"; not Babel or Jerusalem but how far we are from Hereford's Cider Museum or the nearest bike shop.

He concludes that "each period in history gets the map it deserves, whatever version of salvation it offers".

Producer: Adele Armstrong.

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