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Saturday 7 December

With Justin Webb and Evan Davis.
  • 7 Dec 2013 08:19:28
    Ministers from nearly 160 countries have reached a landmark trade deal which it's hoped will boost the world economy by hundreds of billions of pounds a year. Economics correspondent Andrew Walker explains the significance of the deal and Arancha Gonzalez Laya of the International Trade Centre says the deal will help some of the world's poorest.

    A rapist who was found guilty of attacking six women in one night has been jailed for life. The man was tried twice, under the reformed double jeopardy rules, and convicted the second time - without new DNA evidence. This was because he had been found guilty of other similar offences - which made them reconsider the previous ones... Alison Levitt, principal legal adviser at the CPS, argues that this is a common sense power - that the state should use sparingly.

    New data from NHS England suggest half of family doctors in England are too slow in spotting signs of cancer. Mark Flanagan is chief exec of the charity Beating Bowel Cancer says some GPs are failing to refer patients. Dr Maureen Baker is chair of the Royal College of GPs says the referral management process may be to blame. 

    Opposition activists in Syria have told the BBC they fear their revolution is being hijacked by foreign fighters linked to Al Qaeda. Our correspondent Richard Galpin has been to southern Turkey near the border with Syria to meet the Jihadists.

    Looking at the reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela, one of the most remarkable things is the complete absence of cynicism regarding him, his achievements or his life. Simon Jack is in Johannesburg, and has been testing the opinions of some younger voters there, on their South Africa in a post-Mandela age. Andre Brink is a South African novelist and Jay Naidoo is a former minister in Nelson Mandela's cabinet. 

    In Bali the 159 member World Trade Organisation has announced a new trade agreement, one enlarging the rules on global trade, to help tilt those rules towards the interests of poorer countries. That was called the Doha Development Round. What we have now is a deal -- but not the deal that had been sought for the last twelve years. EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht argues that this deal has got us closer to the original goals of the Doha Development Round. 

    If Nelson Mandela was such a great man and his methods and his approach to conflict so successful; why is the world not a better place? Could the Mandela template be used elsewhere? Former American President Jimmy Carter argues his group, the Elders, are making headway. 

    Twenty-three year old American musician Jennifer Grout has been wowing audiences of 'Arabs Got Talent' with her remarkable renditions of much loved classical Arabic songs, despite speaking little Arabic. Tonight is the final of the competition and Jennifer broke into her rehearsals to speak to Evan Davies.  

    July 11th 1963 - that was the day the South African police raided a farm at Rivonia near Johannesburg and arrested members of Umkhoto we Sizwe - the armed wing of the African National Congress. Nelson Mandela and the wider group were put on trial and that trial  was the place where he had the opportunity to speak directly to South Africa. His defence lawyer was Joel Joffe. 

    The last few days have demonstrated the benefits of good flood defences. We've had a storm surge as bad as anything for sixty years and although the damage has been extensive -- fourteen hundred homes have been flooded and several destroyed.. It was a great deal worse the last time something like this occurred in 1953. Back then more than three hundred people died - thirty-seven died in Jaywick in Essex. David Rooke is the Environment Agency's director of flood and coastal risk. 

    Senator Marco Rubio is in town. The name might not mean much to you right now but he is quite likely to be relatively prominent figure in the next US presidential election - he will almost certainly run, and with an hispanic background, and a political message that has tried to unite his party, he is among the front runners for the Republican party ticket. So what is his view of what America should be like - and what does he think of President Obama?

    Just what makes a 'carol'? Why have a handful of carols have become the absolute standards of every carol service and concert around the country? What is it about them that has lodged them so firmly into the nation's Christmas? Is it any more than familiarity? Conductor Jeremy Summerly explains.

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