Episode 13

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Duration: 30 minutes

Eight ambitious chefs from all over the country face their first test - the Invention Test. Monica challenges them to make one dish using a selection of just seven ingredients: pork sausage, spinach, squash, gorgonzola, walnuts, apples and almonds. Monica first cooks a dish for Gregg from the same ingredients in the same amount of time - just one hour - to demonstrate the standard of food she expects and what is possible in the time. Next it's the eight hopeful chefs' turn.

For now, the eight are all safe, but the group is split and next up the first four chefs return to face three more tests - Monica's much feared Skills Test followed by Michel Roux Jr's demanding Classics challenges. After this both Monica and Michel decide who has earned a place in the quarter-finals and who will be leaving the competition for good.


Monica Galetti
Gregg Wallace
Robin Leach
Series Producer
Rachel Palin




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