Longevity War Game

In Newcastle if you live in a well off area you are likely to have eleven more healthy years then if you reside in a more deprived part of the city just a few miles away. These figures are replicated in areas all over Britain. Peter Day attends a Newcastle University war game put together to try and find a way to bridge this gap by 50% in ten years with no extra money. Can they come up with new solutions or will the exercise just highlight how big a problem the country faces as the population ages?

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Sun 8 Dec 2013 21:30

Contributors to this programme

Kenneth Charman
Visiting Research Associate, Institute of Ageing and Health
Newcastle University School of Medicine


Peter Gore

Professor of Practice and ADL Smartcare Founder

Newcastle University



Professor Tom Kirkwood

Associate Dean for Ageing, Newcastle Initiative on Changing Age

Newcastle Univeristy



Professor Michael Whitaker,

Newcastle University



David Newton

Managing Director, Nova International        



David Slavin

Consultant Occupational Physician



Jan Cromarty

Newcastle City Council


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