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Episode 12

Film 2013 Episode 12 of 15

Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh take a look at the week's film releases. Emma Thompson stars as author PL Travers in Saving Mr Banks, which recounts Travers' battles with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) over the big screen adaptation of her book Mary Poppins. Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz team up for the remake of classic horror Carrie plus François Ozon's coming of age story Jeune & Jolie, a study of a seventeen year old girl.

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Reviews of Saving Mr Banks (Claudia, Danny and Peter's film of the week)

Reviews of Saving Mr Banks (Claudia, Danny and Peter's film of the week)

Claudia: I loved it when they were in the room with the composers. That was so good! I wanted to live there. I highly recommend it. If you do go, stay for the end of the credits – it’s a joy.


Danny: This is a big, broad, unapologetically family movie. It’s made with this industrial ladle of sugar, but actually I think it’s a lot smarter than it probably has any right it to be. I mean, what it’s not is an exposé of Walt Disney…I think for what it is, as a family movie, I think it works.


Peter: I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. I love their huge turns that they do and their massive acting face-off. It’s like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee…I think the script is very well carpentered. The film is not shallow exactly, but it’s undemanding, but undemanding in quite a good way. It looks easy, but it isn’t easy.

Reviews of Carrie

Reviews of Carrie

Claudia: I thought she [Chloë Grace Moretz] was vulnerable.  Of course there was the brilliant original but I think if you’re a gang of 15 and 16 year old girls or boys going to the movies, you’d be fine with this, you won’t have seen the original.


Danny:  It deserves the kind of adjectives which don’t end up on posters: sturdy, respectable, and straightforward. And that’s actually what it is; it’s a much more streamlined modern teenage horror movie.


Peter: It’s like the first film, but not as good. That’s the twist they put on this one. It’s sort of like the first one, but 65% as good. It’s quite efficient, it’s not a disaster, and it’s technically interesting. My problem is Chloë Grace Moretz just looks too tough, she looks too confident. She looks like Miley Cyrus or something. She should be playing one of the bullies, she shouldn’t be playing Carrie.

Reviews of Jeune et Jolie

Reviews of Jeune et Jolie

Danny: It’s impeccably made and it’s beautifully composed but as a film about the realities of being a teenage girl I’d rather go with Carrie. As a film that is about having sex with men for money I’d go with anything up to and including Pretty Woman. The film doesn’t really have anything to say about any of those things. It’s one giant ravishing but listless shrug.


Peter: It is rather well done, well acted and well directed, but it’s very, very ridiculous. We all know that prostitution is about vulnerable people being abused and trafficked and assaulted, and not about Vogue-standard 17 year old models having a moment of sexual flowering in some luxury five star hotel room. It is ridiculous but as long as you understand it is ridiculous you can see that it is rather exquisitely made...but shallow.

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