Episode 10

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Duration: 1 hour

The first four chefs from this week's heat face Monica and Gregg's infamous Skills Test. The judges give the chefs ten minutes each to create a savoury sabayon and to use it to make a glaze for some seafood. With a sweet sabayon being more common, this will not only test how the contestants work under pressure but also their ability to adapt their skills.

Next up, two Classics Tests. Michel makes a French pork pie stuffed with chestnut and apple and served with a British salad cream. The chefs have one hour to recreate his dish from a basic recipe that contains no weights or measurements. The pressure is on as they must serve up the prefect pie, with a crisp outside and moist inside.

Finally, the four are asked to cook their own choice of classic dish for Michel in just one hour, before he is joined by Monica to decide which chef will leave the competition.


Monica Galetti
Michel Roux Jr
Gregg Wallace
Robin Leach
Series Producer
Rachel Palin




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