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Episode 2

Two very different boys visit the winter party resort of Val D'Isere.

Chase, an uber-confident 20-year-old from Purley, south London, is looking forward to his first ever lads' holiday. Chase lives at home with his two sisters, older brother and strict single mum Sharon. Sharon wants to make sure that Chase is a son to be proud of and doesn't want to see him binge drinking or being disrespectful. Even though this will be the first time he's skied, self-assured Chase thinks that because he's a keen sportsman, it'll be a piece of cake. Hitting the slopes and the bars with Chase are mates Anthony and Adrian.

In Dover, image-conscious Ben, also 20, spends ages in the bathroom doing his hair in the mornings, something his 'man's man' dad James can't understand. As a single dad, James has bought Ben up on his own for the last six years and tries to be a dad and a mate all in one. He might be a laid-back father, but he has two very strict holiday rules for first-time skier Ben - do take ski lessons and don't get a tattoo. Joining Ben on holiday are school friends Ash and Chris.

It's the first night and Chase prepares to hit the town... by downing half a bottle of rosé. As they hit the bars and clubs, top of the agenda is more boozing and getting themselves well and truly noticed. Meanwhile, the Dover boys try their best to get non-drinker Ben off the wagon. But will Ben give in to peer pressure or will he stick by his resolution not to drink?

What the boys don't know is that their parents are on the way, and will be watching their every move. Will strict mum Sharon cope with seeing Chase's heavy drinking and cocky attitude? And will Ben make it home stone cold sober, and without that forbidden tattoo?

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