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Oprah Winfrey discusses her latest role, as Gloria Gaines, in The Butler; her memories of the civil rights movement in America; and explain what drives her ambition. Why Mondays are a good day for advertisers to bombard you with products. Is the video for Lily Allen's first single in four years feminist, or further reinforcement of misogynistic attitudes throughout the music industry, as well as reinforcing stereotypes of race and class. Camp, homosexual flirting on Saturday night primetime TV is not unusual - would we be as happy to see lesbians flirting in the same way? Plus Biddy Baxter, legendary Editor of Blue Peter on her pioneering career. Ann Cairns of Mastercard on being part of the WH Power List. And singer songwriter Nadine Shah talks about her debut album and performs live in the Woman's Hour Studio.

Presented by Jane Garvey
Produced by Jane Thurlow.

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is an American media owner, presenter, producer, philanthropist and actor.  She is best known for her award-winning talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show.  She has been hailed by Life magazine as the most influential woman of her generation.  She has recently launched the OWN television network, magazine, radio and website.  Oprah joined Jenni to discuss her latest role, as Gloria Gaines, in The Butler; her memories of the civil rights movement in America; and to explain what drives her ambition and her give her view of power.


The Oprah Winfrey Network


The Butler is in cinemas from today.


Lily Allen's New Video

Is the video for Lily Allen's first single in four years feminist? Or does it reinforce misogynistic attitudes throughout the music industry, as well as stereotypes of race and class? Sophie Heawood, Kieran Yates and Reni Eddo-Lodge joined Jenni on Thursday to discuss.

Power-lister Ann Cairns

Ann is the daughter of a Newcastle shoemaker, became one of the first women to be qualified to work on offshore oil and gas rigs and, after a successful career in banking, she now works at the finance company MasterCard where she manages a staff of 4000.

Mood Marketing - Ads Aimed at Women at a Low Ebb

Women feel at their least attractive on Monday mornings, according to a study by American marketing company PHD.  So, PHD suggests that Monday is the perfect day to present women with adverts for instant beauty rescues and dressing for success.  On Thursdays, women feel at their best, so this is the best time to bombard them with positive, life-affirming products.  This is in the US, but what is happening in the UK? Gail Parminter, Creative director of Madwomen and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, The Vagenda blog editor discuss targeted advertising and how women are sold stuff.  What tactics are used?  How harmless is the concept? How aware of women of the ways they are being sold to?  And what might be the advertising of the future? 

Biddy Baxter

Biddy Baxter, Editor of Blue Peter and children’s TV pioneer is to be presented with a Special Award at this year's Children's BAFTAs in recognition of her outstanding contribution to children’s media and the entertainment. Biddy edited the programme between 1962 and 1988 and is credited with inventing the format which the programme, and many others, still follow today. She revolutionised children’s broadcasting with the Blue Peter Badge, the expedition and the annual appeal. She joined Jenni Murray on Wednesday to talk about her extraordinary career and the importance of never talking down to children. 

Lesbian Flirting on Primetime TV

Watching gay men on television openly flirting after other men has become relatively standard viewing on prime time television. Think Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood on Strictly Come Dancing. Woman’s Hour looks at why rarely, if ever, you see lesbians excessively flirting with other women in the same way on similar popular programmes. Jay Hunt, now a short film producer but best known to our audience as the presenter of Would Like to Meet, and Gareth McLean, TV critic and writer, joined Jane on Tuesday.

Nadine Shah

Singer songwriter Nadine Shah - who’s been compared to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave - joined us to play her track Aching Bones live in the studio. She talks to us about the influences behind her often dark music, recording her album in a curtain superstore, and her musical upbringing - when her Pakistani father would sing Urdu poetry about love and loss in their home in Tyne and Wear.


Nadine Shah’s debut album Love Your Dum and Mad is out now, and her latest single, Aching Bones, taken from the album, is out on 25 November. 


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