Up to the Job?

The Work Programme is the Government's flagship scheme designed to help the long term unemployed off benefits and into lasting jobs. But how well is it working - both for those at whom it is aimed and for the private companies who are paid to deliver it?
Official figures paint a patchy picture and some companies have already been sanctioned for not meeting targets. Their record has been particularly poor for claimants whose illness or disability makes it hard to find a job.
Despite this, the Chancellor recently announced an addition to the scheme - called Help to Work - which places new demands on those the Work Programme has failed to move into employment.
But, with the economy still struggling in many areas, is it asking too much? Gerry Northam investigates.
Producer: Sally Chesworth.

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The Government's flagship Work Programme is supposed to offer a personalised service helping long term claimants off benefits and into employment. Is it measuring up to the job?   Read the Transcript

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