Episode 7

Nancy discovers the full extent of the danger Oliver is in and hurries to tell Rose.

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Mr Bumble, his wife and Monks meet in an old warehouse so that Mrs Bumble can relate the circumstances of Oliver's birth. Mrs Bumble tells how 'Old Sally' stole some items from Oliver's mother on her deathbed, including a bracelet inscribed 'Agnes'.

Monks takes the items from Mrs Bumble and drops them through a trapdoor into the river below; he believes he has taken a significant step towards keeping Oliver's identity a secret.

Fagin comes to visit Sikes and Nancy returns to Fagin's den with him to collect some money. Monks is waiting for Fagin there and the two men go upstairs, not realising that Nancy silently follows behind them. Nancy listens to the conversation and learns more of the relationship between Monks and Oliver - including the revelation that Oliver is Monks's younger brother.

Nancy is horrified by what she has heard but is initially unsure what to do. Having drugged Sikes with a sleeping draught she goes to the hotel in central London where she knows the Maylies to be staying. She speaks with Rose and passes on all the information she has learned.

Rose tries to persuade Nancy to give up all further contact with Sikes and Fagin, but Nancy says she must return to them. They agree that future contact will happen on Sunday evenings when Nancy will walk upon London Bridge between 11 and midnight...if she is alive and able.

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