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United we stand

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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Today Paul Ewing finds out how we're all stronger when we work together.

  • A tug-of-war

    A tug-of-war

  • Teacher's notes for programme 7: United we stand

    Themes: Being strong – co-operation and teamwork; being strong inside

    Before the programme:

    • Does being ‘strong’ always mean being physically strong? Or are there other ways to be ‘strong’? Which do you think is more important?
    • Look at the focus image together. What are the children doing? Who’s doing all the work?
    • How is this picture an example of teamwork?
    • When have you worked together on a task? Was it easier to do because you were working together?
    • Look at the words of today’s song (which can be found on the School Radio website). How does working together make you ‘strong’?

    Programme content:

    Welcome and introduction. Paul’s struggling with a challenge – building a house of cards...and gets very frustrated when it keeps collapsing!

    Vox pops: Children from Victoria Park Junior School, in Manchester, tell us about how they have persevered with challenges

    Song: Song: ‘Together’ (All About Our School no.13)

    Story: The Filly. An original story by Tony Payne. Read by James Lailey.

    Farmer Fidget has two horses – Atlas and Molly – who find out that working together, using each others’
    strength, helps them to overcome difficulties and help Farmer Fidget with his work...

    Reflection: on being determined (strong inside) and persevering – if at first you don’t succeed. Ensure everyone is listening carefully.

    Prayer: thanking God for the strength to face challenges. Children can listen or join in with ‘Amen’ at the end if they wish to make the prayer their own.

    After the programme:

    Talk about the story:

    • What made Farmer Fidget think that Molly would one day be a great horse?
    • Why do you think Farmer Fidget bought a tractor?
    • What should he have done before driving it?
    • Why do you think that Atlas wouldn’t help Molly to rescue Farmer Fidget?
    • What do you think Mrs. Fidget said about her washing?!
    • Why was Atlas ashamed when he saw what Molly was doing?
    • How were both Atlas and Molly strong in the story?
    • Why do you think Farmer Fidget wouldn’t get back on the tractor?

    Follow-up activities:

    • Talk together about times when you’ve faced challenges – and not given up. Did you have help from others? If you didn’t, how might it have helped to have others to help you? If someone else is struggling with a challenge, how could you as a class help them show that ‘together, we’re strong’?
    • Display the words from the song ‘as long as we’re together, we’re strong’ on a board. Each child to draw themselves (perhaps on an person-shaped template so that they’re all a similar size) then create a circle or chain using the people around the display board as a reminder that you’re all part of a class community who can stand with each other and help with challenges.
    • Set each group tasks that require that they work together - e.g. building a bridge or tower using newspaper that will carry a car or hold a ball.
    • Create a class charter based on the words ‘together, we’re strong’ – and declaring a desire to stand together, and help each other. Ask each group to suggest ways in which you could do this and then as a class choose which are included on the charter. Each child and adult then sign the charter and display it somewhere prominent.



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