Anne-Marie Duff reads an adaptation of 'Thumbelina' by Hans Christian Andersen

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A tiny but beautiful girl grows from a barleycorn which has been enchanted by a witch. She is found when a woman kisses the petal on the flower and she is named Thumbelina on account of her size. She is kidnapped by a toad who wants her to marry her son and is left on a lily pad. Fish rescue her by gnawing the lily pad loose so that it floats downstream but Thumbelina is once again snatched away, this time by a beetle. She is later abandoned by the beetle, after other beetles convince him that Thumbelina is ugly because she is not like them. 

When winter comes Thumbelina is dying of cold and starvation before being taken in by a field mouse. The field mouse's neighbour is a blind mole who falls in love with Thumbelina because of her beautiful singing voice. In a passage he has dug between the field mouse's home and his own, the mole finds a swallow who he believes to be dead. Indeed the mole is happy the bird is dead because he thinks birds make a terrible noise. Thumbelina disagrees and nurses the bird back to life. 

Later the mole proposes marriage to Thumbelina and the field mouse believes that she should marry the mole on account of his wealth. However, Thumbelina does not want to live underground and when taking a last look at the sunshine above ground on the day of her wedding, she is rescued by the swallow who takes her to a beautiful field of flowers. Here she meets the Prince of the Flower People and agrees to marry him. She is given a pair of wings so that she can fly with the rest of the flower people.  


Role Contributor
ReaderAnne-Marie Duff
AdaptorSue Reid

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