Join Gemma Hunt for the assembly series for children aged 7 to 11 - including a story, a song, reflection / prayer and opportunities for discussion.



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Together and Collective Worship

Together uses material from a wide range of cultural and religious sources with the aim of contributing to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

What is the value of using Together?

The series is a ready-to-use resource that can help your school deliver the statutory requirement for a daily act of Collective Worship: material is of a ‘broadly Christian character’, reflecting the ‘broad traditions of Christian belief’ and the programmes encourage individual and community responses, from a sense of celebration to thoughtful reflection. They also encourage pupils to think about issues and to share their experiences.

Is Together suitable for all pupils?

Great care has been taken to allow pupils and teachers from a range of backgrounds to participate in the programmes. A mixture of songs, reflections and prayers allow pupils to respond to what they have heard in their own way. The series can be used both with whole year groups for an assembly or in smaller, class groups.