Cate Blanchett on Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine; Michael Roemer on Nothing But a Man; Denis Villeneuve on Prisoners

Cate Blanchett talks to Francine Stock about her well-received performance as banker's wife and socialite in Blue Jasmine. Directed by Woody Allen, it tells the story of a corrupt financier, played by Alec Baldwin, and his wife who fall from high society when he is arrested for fraud.

The Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve, who made Incendies and Polytechnique, is back with a new film, Prisoners, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. The plot follows two families whose daughters mysteriously disappear and explores how grief and desperation can corrupt.

As biopics dominate the award season releases, the director Margarethe von Trotta discusses her new film about the German Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt. It focuses on the period around 1961 when Arendt caused great controversy in her essays about the trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Israel. The trial inspired her famous phrase "the banality of evil".

Plus director Michael Roemer looks back at his ground-breaking film Nothing But A Man, released in 1964 and now restored by the Library of Congress and re-released by the BFI. It follows a young black man as he tries to shake off his alcoholic father and find a decent life for himself in the segregated South. Michael Roemer explains why it was difficult to find black audiences and how even today, many people presume he must be black himself to have made this film.

Producer: Elaine Lester.

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Sun 29 Sep 2013 23:00


Role Contributor
PresenterFrancine Stock
Interviewed GuestCate Blanchett
Interviewed GuestDenis Villeneuve
Interviewed GuestMichael Roemer
ProducerElaine Lester

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