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Wild Times: Attenborough at 80

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First broadcast:
Saturday 06 May 2006

"David Attenborough's name is synonymous with the natural world. For 50 years he has broadcast from the far-flung corners of the globe, his footprint has been on every continent and his eyes have seen more wildlife and landscapes than many intrepid explorers. He is perhaps the most travelled man of our times. He is certainly one of the most respected men of our time.

As he approaches his 80th birthday, David looks back through his broadcasting career, in conversation with radio presenter and award-winning wildlife film-maker Brian Leith. The archive that exists of David's broadcasting career spans fifty years across sound, radio and television. Throughout that time we have seen him down the lens of a camera in "Zoo Quest" in the 1950s to the most recent of his landmark television series, "Life in the Undergrowth". It's been fifty years that has also seen the most extraordinary strides forward in television and film-making technology. Film-makers can now go to more places and return with more intimate and revealing images of the world and its wildlife than ever before.

Through the ground-breaking trilogy of "Life on Earth", "The Living Planet", and "The Trials of Life" to the more recent "The Private Life of Plants", "The Life of Birds" and "The Life of Mammals", David has taken worldwide audiences on his journeys with him. He is able to bring the life of the smallest insect to the largest mammals into the homes of millions of people.".


Brian Leith
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David Attenborough


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