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1 hour, 57 minutes
First broadcast:
Wednesday 04 September 2013

Tha Mairead NicIllinnein a' feitheamh ribh le taghadh ciùil 's taghadh de dh'òrain Ghàidhlig. Feuch gum bi sibh ann còmhla rithe le cupa tì nar laimh. Cuiribh fios thugainn dè tha dol agaibhse agus ar naidheachdan le bhith fàgail teachaireachd air duilleag Facebook Mìre ri Mòir no sgrìobh post-dealain gu mor@bbc.co.uk no fòn an asgaidh gu 08000 96 7050.
Join Mairead MacLennan for lively banter and a great choice of traditional Gaelic music. Make a cup of tea and enjoy Morag's company for the rest of the morning. Please get in touch with your news by leaving a message on the Mire ri Mòir Facebook page, send an e-mail to mor@bbc.co.uk or freephone the studio on 08000 96 70 50.

Music Played

26 items
  • Image for Norman Macinnes

    Norman Macinnes Soraidh Leis An Ait'

  • Image for Kerrie Finlay

    Kerrie Finlay Seann Oran Seilge & Seallaibh


  • Image for Jim Mackay Scottish Dance Band

    Jim Mackay Scottish Dance Band Road To Applecross

  • Image for John Macdonald

    John Macdonald Oran Arasaig

  • Image for Joyce Murray

    Joyce Murray An T Eilean Alainn

    Bliadhna Mhath Ur 1998/99, WHITE LABEL, 1998/99

  • Image for Calum Kennedy

    Calum Kennedy An Ciaora

    Na, NA, NA-NA

  • Image for Heather Morrison

    Heather Morrison Highland Scottische: Caite Am Bi Na Maraichean/Mac An Irish/Kennag Mor/Domhnall Dubh An Do

    Artist: Jacqui Macdonald Artist: Nicola Morrison Artist: Roya MacLean

    An Ataireachd Ard, SMITH MEARNS, SMR-157

  • Image for Sgoil Chiùil Na Gaidhealtachd

    Sgoil Chiùil Na Gaidhealtachd Oran na Mharaine


  • Image for Mary MacMillan

    Mary MacMillan Muile nam Fuar Bheann Mor

  • Image for Angus Macfadyen

    Angus Macfadyen A Chatriona Og

    Guthan Eileanan Na H Alba, TOBAR AN DUALCHAS, NA

  • Image for Allan MacDonald

    Allan MacDonald Cille Pheadair

    Artist: Margaret Stewart

    Fhuair mi Pog, Greentrax, CDTRAX-132

  • Image for Clannad

    Clannad Turas dhomhsa chun na Galldachd

    Nadur, ARC MUSIC, EUCD2471

  • Image for The Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

    The Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band 14/8 And Hornpipes: Random Star/The Bumpy Old Raod/Maxwell's Bonnet


  • Image for Drams Allowed

    Drams Allowed Drams Behind The Curtain: The Duck/Blow My Chanter/Aly Bally/Dram Behind The Curtain

    Aye Tunes, DRAMS ALLOWED, DACD001

  • Image for Dolina MacLennan

    Dolina MacLennan Tha Mi Duilich, Duilich, Duilich

    Guthan Eileanan Na H Alba, TOBAR AN DUALCHAS, NA

  • Image for The Sound Of Mull

    The Sound Of Mull An T Seann Mharaiche

    Gaelic Folk Songs, BIRNAM, NA-NA

  • Image for Dordán

    Dordán Cape Breton Mo Thir Dhuchais

    jigs to the moon, gael linn, cefcd 168

  • Image for Donnie Macdonald

    Donnie Macdonald O Luaidh

  • Image for Kathleen MacInnes

    Kathleen MacInnes Comunn Uibhist Is Bharraidh

    Cille Bhride, KATHLEEN MACINNES 2012, KMAC 001

  • Image for Dorothy Maclean

    Dorothy Maclean Tuireadh Bard Thurnaig


  • Image for Sgt Brian Donaldson

    Sgt Brian Donaldson 4/4 Marches: Lady Georgina Bruce/Falkland Palace

    Pipers of Distinction, Klub Records, CDMON-815

  • Image for Sgorrabreac

    Sgorrabreac Puirt A Beul: Fear An Duin Mhoir/Am Faca Sibh

    Faire Dhun Eideann, MCPS, CM-004

  • Image for Mairi Sine Campbell

    Mairi Sine Campbell Tha mi sgith 'n fhogar seo

  • Image for Donald Roddy Macaskill

    Donald Roddy Macaskill Turus Dhachaidh

    Singing Postie, LEWIS RECORDINGS, RCS 246

  • Image for Alasdair Campbell

    Alasdair Campbell Oran Na Maraig

  • Image for Slàinte Mhath

    Slàinte Mhath Brucie And Th Troopers/The Flowers Of Red Hill/The Fourth Floor

    The Cape Breton Connection, STEVEN MACDONALD PRODUCTIONS, SMPCD-1008


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