Once There Was a Way Home - Part 2

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Casualty, Series 28 Episode 3 of 48

Duration: 49 minutes

Jamie almost brings the whole ED to a standstill as he becomes embroiled in attempts to assist an Iranian immigrant, meanwhile Sam's maternal skills are revealed as she rescues the baby of a broken family.


Jamie Collier
Daniel Anthony
Zoe Hanna
Sunetra Sarker
Jeff Collier
Matt Bardock
Kathleen 'Dixie' Dixon
Jane Hazlegrove
Sam Nicholls
Charlotte Salt
Robyn Miller
Amanda Henderson
Lily Chao
Crystal Yu
Martin 'Ash' Ashford
Patrick Robinson
Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher
Alex Walkinshaw
Tom Kent
Oliver Coleman
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Rita Freeman
Chloe Howman
Big Mac
Charles Dale
Louise Tyler
Azuka Oforka
Noel Garcia
Tony Marshall
Norman Burnton
Adrian Harris
Ramin Tehrani
Davood Ghadami
Terry Cothern
Marshall Griffin
Lorraine Cothern
Deborah Sheridan-Taylor
Jean Dawson
Colette O'Neill
Rudd Okwongwe
Tyler Fayose
DS Peter Donleavy
Matthew Ashforde
Rachel Atkins
Sydney Rae White
Paul Boon
Ian Stewart Robinson
Kenny Cothern
Kye Holliday
Kira Cothern
Suki Holliday
Robert Del Maestro
Sasha Hails


Everybody ready?

Connie Beauchamp

Connie Beauchamp is crossing over into a whole new world of drama at Holby ED very soon.

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How do you hang a limousine off a bridge?

Take a look behind the scenes and find out how we really hang a limousine off a bridge!

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