All at Sea

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Holby City, Series 15 Episode 45 of 52

Duration: 56 minutes

It's the day of Rachel's fundraiser, and a stressed Sacha struggles to organise the event whilst trying to cope with his damaged relationship with Chrissie. When a patient notices Michael and Chrissie's growing closeness, Sacha becomes jealous and starts to suspect that something is going on between them, leading to a confrontation.

Serena is delighted to be performing a difficult operation that will be streamed live to surgical students, but when her mother is admitted to hospital she is conflicted between her responsibilities as a daughter and her professional development. She turns to Edward for advice.

Elliot organises a weekend away with Sharon, but when she is offered a fantastic job opportunity in the US, he is torn about the validity of their relationship. When his patient requires a psychiatric assessment, he has to work alongside Sharon and is forced to confront his feelings.


Sacha Levy
Bob Barrett
Chrissie Williams
Tina Hobley
Edward Campbell
Aden Gillett
Serena Campbell
Catherine Russell
Elliot Hope
Paul Bradley
Jonny Maconie
Michael Thomson
Jac Naylor
Rosie Marcel
Mo Effanga
Chizzy Akudolu
Ric Griffin
Hugh Quarshie
Mary-Claire Carter
Niamh McGrady
Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Chantelle Lane
Lauren Drummond
Antoine Malick
Jimmy Akingbola
Arthur Digby
Rob Ostlere
Harry Tressler
Jules Knight
Gemma Wilde
Ty Glaser
Sharon Kozinsky
Madeleine Potter
Adrienne McKinnie
Sandra Voe
Rachel Levy
Imogen Byron
Rex Jameson
Billy Clarke
Roxanne Gregson
Esther Smith
Kyle Nichols
Darren Bransford
Matt Carter
Bianca Rodway
Laura Poliakoff



Jules Knight aka Harry Tressler

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Crafting Malick's fake limbs

Crafting Malick's fake limbs

Prosthetics Designer Megan Thomas explains how they made Malick's fake arm.

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